Tom Holland and David Chackler Bring Horror Fans Dead Rabbit Films

Horror buffs beware! A new production company has been formed by a couple of the most influential minds in the entertainment industry.

Dead Rabbit Films reunites Tom Holland, the legendary writer/director responsible for some of the most successful films in the horror genre such as Fright Night and Child's Play, with music biz empressario David Chackler (Queen, Buckingham/Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and 2Live Crew), whose resume also includes film production credits such as John Carpenter's Village of the Damned for Universal. Dead Rabbit Films will develop and produce feature films as well as scripted episodic television for emerging networks and mobile platforms.

The combination of the Holland and Chackler resumes reads like an insider's list of who's who in Hollywood. With associations from Stephen Spielberg to Stephen King, Tom Holland serves as the creative genius behind Dead Rabbit Films.

"Tom was at the forefront of creating and directing the contemporary horror genre.
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