Gay Of The Dead #3: Todd Farmer’s ass, Fred Olen Ray, Dylan Vox & The Lair

As a sidebar before we jump into today’s topic, I want to keep my promise that this blog won’t just be about politics, or even gay horror. Sometimes it will just be about hot guys. Case in point: Todd Farmer, screenwriter of Jason X (with my favorite in the series after the original) and My Bloody Valentine 3D (with Zane Smith), which I saw on opening weekend and absolutely loved.

I (briefly) interviewed Farmer for a project called “Expanded Books” (formerly “Book Look”) when my friend Peter Bracke’s Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th had its release party. At the time I thought, “Uh…he cute.”

Cut To: My Bloody Valentine 3D. I go see the flick with a gaggle of homos and what are we treated to? Naked Todd Farmer! Ok, more like naked Todd Farmer’s ass, but still! As much
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