Saw’s Jigsaw Is the Worst Roommate Ever

In this short film, a man learns the hard way that living with Jigsaw from the Saw movies is not as cool as he thought it would be, with Jigsaw’s “games” being more annoying and mildly inconvenient than the devious life-or-death situations we’re used to seeing him devise.

“Living with Jigsaw” was written and directed by Chris Capel and stars Brendan McNamara.
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Ever Wonder What It's Like to Start Living With Jigsaw?

Jigsaw has been woefully absent from theatres for quite a while now, and truthfully, Halloween season hasn't been the same without him. So, wondering what he, or more specifically Billy the Puppet, has been doing with all of his time off?

Below you'll find the horror spoof Living With Jigsaw from YouTube's Chris Capel. In it you'll see that Billy has been unable to adjust to a normal life and is still looking to engage in... shall we say... the same old games?

Check it out as it's legit funny and a good way to ferry along our countdown to the weekend. Look for more tricks and treats as we get closer to Halloween!

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You Think You Have a Bad Roommate? Try 'Living With Jigsaw'

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You Think You Have a Bad Roommate? Try 'Living With Jigsaw'
We've all had bad roommates. My worst roommate was the one I had in my senior year at college. She kept a gun under her bed (turned out to be a Bb gun, but still), would lose her mind if I turned the thermostat below 93 degrees, and when she moved out she left behind a sticky sludge of fruit punch, BBQ sauce, and lube.

In this short film from Chris Capel, he details his worst roommate: Jigsaw from the Saw movies. Or rather, Billy, Jigsaw's creepy puppet mouthpiece. Honestly, I'm not sure which is worse. Who would you rather live with? Your worst roommate, or a horror movie villain?


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