John Farnham rep denies heart attack rumours after hospital visit

John Farnham's spokesperson has insisted that the star has not had a heart attack. The Australian singer, who is best known for hit song 'You're the Voice', was rumoured to have been rushed to hospital in cardiac arrest earlier this week. Farnham's long-time manager and friend Glenn Wheatley told The Daily Telegraph that the musician did suffer some "slight pains", but is now at home resting after having some tests carried out at a Melbourne hospital yesterday. Wheatley said: "Contrary to the rumours, he wasn't rushed to hospital. He had some slight pains which resembled what (more)
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John Farnham reschedules axed Sydney shows

John Farnham has rescheduled his axed Sydney performances. The Australian singer - who was forced to cancel his sold-out shows at the city's State Theatre this week due to a serious throat infection - will now perform at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on October 24. Farnham's spokesperson Glenn Wheatley assured fans via The Daily Telegraph that the new gig will be "intimate" despite the change of venue. "We are pleased to be performing at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, our spiritual home in Sydney,'' he added. "The two shows combined will still be in intimate mode, which is how John likes to perform, and we know his audience will enjoy it too.'' After (more)
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John Farnham reveals past money problems

John Farnham has revealed his past money woes. The 61-year-old Australian singer, who is best known for his hit song 'You're The Voice', said that he and his wife Jillian had to live "on the bones of [their] arse" after his long-time manager Glenn Wheatley mortgaged his home to pay for his Whispering Jack album recording in 1986. "We were broke and had to sell our house," he told The Daily Telegraph. "I had made some bad decisions, got into a restaurant which was something I didn't know anything about and it cost me my savings. I didn't have a car and we were renting this house where Ross Fraser and I were working on the record. "No-one knew and no-one cared we were doing Whispering Jack. This originally came out on (more)
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Johns 'ditched from primetime television'

Matthew Johns has reportedly been ditched from primetime television. The Australian former sports star, whose series The Matty Johns Show was aired between 7pm and 10pm on Channel Seven last year, has reportedly rejected the network's offer to move him to a new 10.30pm timeslot. According to The Daily Telegraph, Johns, business partner John "Singo" Singleton and manager Glenn Wheatley do not want to go head-to-head with Channel Nine's rival programme The Footy Show, (more)
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