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Jason Blum Says Halloween Kills Is A Very Big Movie With A Large Canvas

Jason Blum Says Halloween Kills Is A Very Big Movie With A Large Canvas
This Halloween, Michael Myers is returning to wreak havoc in Haddonfield, Illinois for the umpteenth time. Blumhouse successfully relaunched the slasher franchise back in October 2018, with their take on the Halloween universe being stretched out into a trilogy over the next couple of years. With Halloween Ends arriving in 2021, this year we have Halloween Kills. And we can apparently expect a movie with a huge scale.

Speaking to Too Fab, producer Jason Blum had a few brief words to offer about the sequel, which will see Jamie Lee Curtis coming back once more as Michael’s eternal enemy Laurie Strode.

Halloween Kills is a very Big movie,” Blum told Too Fab. “The canvas of Halloween Kills is very large.”

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This is an intriguing tease, as operating on a wide canvas
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Michael Pena Says He’s Hoping To Return For Ant-Man 3

With the notable exception of Thor, whose fourth solo installment Love and Thunder is currently deep in pre-production, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always tended to operate by the rule of three. Both Captain America and Iron Man were given solo trilogies, and if you look at Infinity War and Endgame as two parts of the same overarching story, then the Avengers also received a three-movie arc.

We’ll see if next year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home follow-up and the eventual Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 follow the same path, but the next officially confirmed Marvel Studios threequel that we’ll get focuses on the return of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, who of course played a pivotal role in Avengers: Endgame.

The Ant-Man franchise has never quite managed to hit the box office heights of other McU blockbusters, with the two installments currently the lowest-earning movies in
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Halloween Kills Is the 2018 Reboot on Speed Says Michael Myers Actor

  • MovieWeb
Halloween Kills Is the 2018 Reboot on Speed Says Michael Myers Actor
It might be a little bit before we get to see a full trailer for Halloween Kills, the upcoming sequel to 2018's Halloween, but we've got some idea of what to expect, thanks to actor James Jude Courtney. Nick Castle is the man who originally brought Michael Myers to life and, while he's been present in these new movies, it's been Courtney who has been doing the heavy lifting. Now, Courtney has opened up a bit about the movie, saying that they won't just be repeating what's come before.

At this point, not much can be said as details regarding the sequel are being kept tightly under wraps. We know it will pick up after the events of the previous movie, meaning that, presumably, Michael Myers survived his seemingly fiery demise. James Jude Courtney, in a recent interview, had this to say about how Halloween Kills will move things forward.
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Michael Myers Returns In Terrifying Halloween Kills Fan Trailer

For many horror fans, David Gordon Green’s Halloween was one of 2018’s most pleasant surprises, drawing positive reviews from fans and critics alike while raking in more money at the box office than any other slasher movie to date.

Expectations are therefore unusually high for this year’s Halloween Kills, and as we wait for the first proper trailer to drop, Wgtc presents a fan-made video that anticipates the return of Michael Myers and the young Allyson Nelson.

Comprising footage and audio from Michael’s previous big screen outings, the unofficial trailer, viewable above, puts the spotlight on Laurie Strode’s daughter, played once more by Andi Matichak in the upcoming sequel. Naturally, Laurie herself also returns to the fray, with Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role, while the part of Michael is split between James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle.

Halloween Kills Bts Photos Offer New Look At
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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Is a Love Letter to the Franchise

Up in the Air and Thank You For Smoking director Jason Reitman’s new Ghostbusters flick starring Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, and Paul Rudd hits in July 2020. And today Coon let us know that the film is a real love letter to the franchise. […]

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TV News Roundup: Paramount Reveals New Cast Members Joining ‘Coyote’

  • Variety
In today’s TV news roundup, Paramount Network revealed its new recurring cast members joining “Coyote” and Audible announced the debut of “Escape from Virtual Island”


Paramount Network revealed a dozen recurring cast members for the upcoming drama series “Coyote.” Mark Feuerstein, Kelli Williams, Daniel Mora, Emy Mena, George Pullar, Amy Forsyth, Ross Phillips, Romina D’ugo, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, Bobby Daniel Rodriguez, Jose Pablo Cantillo and Drew Powell are joining the drama series, which stars Michael Chiklis as a retired United States Border Patrol agent. The show is scheduled to premiere on Paramount Network in the summer.


The new scripted comedy series, “Escape from Virtual Island,” is coming Apr. 2, Audible announced. The audio series follows Derek Ambrose (Paul Rudd) as he runs an island resort in 2038 where the wealthy come to live out their wildest fantasies in virtual reality. The all-star ensemble also includes Jack McBrayer, Paula Pell, Amber Ruffin,
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Paul Rudd, Jack McBrayer, Amber Ruffin, Paula Pell Lead Cast Of Audible Comedy ‘Escape From Virtual Island’ From ‘SNL’ Team

  • Deadline
Paul Rudd, Jack McBrayer, Amber Ruffin, Paula Pell Lead Cast Of Audible Comedy ‘Escape From Virtual Island’ From ‘SNL’ Team
Exclusive: Paul Rudd, Jack McBrayer, Amber Ruffin and Paula Pell will lead the cast of Escape from Virtual Island, a new scripted Audible Original comedy series from SNL vet John Lutz and Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video. Scott Adsit, Jane Krakowski, Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson, Olivia Wilde and Henry Winkler round out the ensemble cast. Escape From Virtual Island is set to premiere April 2 on the Amazon-owned audio platform.

Written by Lutz, in Escape from Virtual Island, Derek Ambrose (Rudd) runs an island resort in 2038 where the wealthy come to live out their wildest fantasies in virtual reality. With the help of his assistant Beasley (McBrayer), lead computer scientist Faith (Ruffin), and head of security Ramona (Pell), the island has been running smoothly since Derek inherited it from his mother. When a high-profile guest suddenly goes missing inside a computer simulation,
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John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Reportedly Top Choices For Fantastic Four Reboot

The Fantastic Four are back where they belong. Fox had three attempts to get the characters right but never really managed it, so fans are excited to see what Marvel Studios does with the First Family now that they have the rights again. After waiting so long for the team to be treated properly, folks have some strong opinions about what Marvel should do with them and at the top of the list is getting John Kransinski and Emily Blunt to play Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

For those of who want to see this happen, this new rumor will interest you, as according to scoopster Mikey Sutton, the real-life couple are the studio’s number one picks to play Reed Richards and Sue Storm in the McU. It’s said that the Four will make their debut in the franchise in Ant-Man 3, likely arriving in 2022.

Sutton did
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Fantastic Four Rumored To Make Their McU Debut In Ant-Man 3

For a while there, we weren’t sure what the future held for the Ant-Man franchise, but last November we learned that Ant-Man 3 was on its way, with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly returning as Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne and director Peyton Reed coming back to complete his trilogy. As well as wrapping up the astonishing hero’s adventures, though, it’s possible the threequel could set up a whole new corner of the McU in the form of the Fantastic Four.

Scoopster Mikey Sutton is claiming that Marvel’s First Family will make their (latest) debut in Ant-Man 3. He doesn’t specify in what capacity, however, so they could just be dropped into a post-credits scene. Either way, Sutton also shares that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the studio’s top choices for Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Though definitely exciting, we’ll file
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Marvel Fans Can’t Handle Loki’s Return In Super Bowl TV Spot

The long-awaited first glimpse of the forthcoming slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming series set to debut on Disney+ finally arrived in the final act of last night’s Super Bowl Liv, packing an awful lot of material into half-a-minute. But tucked into the final third of the 30-second promo was a mere four-second clip (almost a third of which included just its show’s title) that has the Internet has once more reacting with its customary lack of chill and conventional spelling.

Surely the web can be forgiven for its enthusiasm, though, as this is the first time that we’ve seen the greasy hair or pale hide of the God of Mischief since he teleported out of New York City in Avengers: Endgame following his failed assault and return to Asgard as a war criminal in 2012, as seen in the first Avengers film.

That moment came as a shock all by itself,
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The Most Talked About Moments From the 2020 Super Bowl: Kobe Bryant Tributes, Shakira's Tongue and More

Just about everything that came out of the 2020 Super Bowl was, well, a touchdown. On the field, Kanas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes scored right out of the gate, but by halftime the team was tied with the San Francisco 49ers. Though neck and neck throughout the game, the Chiefs pulled off a comeback in the fourth quarter, earning them the big win—and making 24-year-old Mahomes the youngest player in history to nab the Super Bowl and Mvp. The events off of the field scored even more points with fans. While Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, Cardi B, Offset, Paul Rudd, Paul McCartney, Jon Hamm, Kevin Hart and more superstar fans cheered on their...
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Why Shakira's Boyfriend Gerard Piqué Was Mia From the 2020 Super Bowl

Why Shakira's Boyfriend Gerard Piqué Was Mia From the 2020 Super Bowl
Shakira absolutely rocked the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show last night. She and Jennifer Lopez lit the stage up with a powerful performance that celebrated, as she said in her Instagram post following the show, "how much Latinos have to offer," and it was one of the most entertaining halftime shows to date. The game's attendees included a star-studded list of celebrities like Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy CarterCardi BDemi Lovato (who sang the National Anthem), Paul RuddEmily RatajkowskiJeremy RennerMiles Teller and of course, J.Lo's love Alex Rodriguez. But Shakira's longtime love, soccer player Gerard Piqué, was...
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SNL Imagines a Very Different Trump Impeachment Trial in Cold Open

SNL Imagines a Very Different Trump Impeachment Trial in Cold Open
Having found President Trump’s real impeachment trial to be full of “dry debate and posturing,” Saturday Night Live envisioned “the trial you wish had happened” in its Feb. 1 cold open.

Though SNL‘s recent political sketches have featured cameos from Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm and other celebrities, the latest cold open included only the regular cast (in addition to recurring guest star Alec Baldwin as President Trump), all of whom played political figures that appeared in the real-life trial proceedings… and some that didn’t. (Though frankly, we are curious about an impeachment trial that’s overseen
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Is Bill Murray Reliving Groundhog Day for Jeep's Super Bowl Ad? Seems Like It!

Is Bill Murray Reliving Groundhog Day for Jeep's Super Bowl Ad? Seems Like It!
Is Bill Murray reliving Groundhog Day? It’s possible.

The actor, 69, was spotted filming a commercial in Woodstock, Illinois, on Saturday eight days ahead of this week’s Super Bowl, according to the Northwest Herald newspaper.

The outlet reported Murray was at Woodstock Square filming for a Jeep commercial. Gregg Ganson, who owns a bookstore with his two sisters near the shooting location, said the set for the commercial appeared to be an “exact recreation” of Murray’s classic 1983 comedy Groundhog Day.

A spokesperson for Jeep did not immediately respond to People’s request for comment, but a short press
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Rick Moranis Reportedly Not Returning For Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will see the return of almost every original cast member. Everyone except Rick Moranis, that is, as according to Variety, Moranis will not reprise his role as the nosey neighbor, Louis Tully.

The original cast members, including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts will all appear in the film. Harold Ramis, meanwhile, passed away in 2014, but writer/director Jason Reitman still managed to find a way to make his character, Egon Spengler, integral to the plot.

As for Moranis, he’s all but retired from acting. The only on screen appearance he’s made in the last 20 years was reprising his famous character, Bob McKenzie, in Bob & Doug McKenzie’s Two-Four Anniversary, a TV movie documentary from 2007.

Of course, he was offered a chance to appear in Paul Feig’s 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, but declined it, saying at the time:

“I hope it’s terrific.
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Marvel's "Avengers: Damage Control" - Virtual Reality

Sneak Peek Marvel Studios 'Virtual Reality' experience, "Avengers: Damage Control", produced by ILMxLAB, enabling immersion into the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe', defending the 'Wakandan Outreach Centers' from a familiar enemy, fighting alongside 'Doctor Strange' (Benedict Cumberbatch), 'Ant-Man' (Paul Rudd), the 'Wasp' (Evangeline Lily) and a whole lot more:

"...assemble alongside Earth's mightiest heroes in 'Avengers: Damage Control', an all-new virtual reality adventure from Marvel Studios and ILMxLAB. 'Shuri' has recruited your team of four to test her latest prototype design, a powerful new suit that combines 'Wakandan' and 'Stark Industries' technologies.

"Then when when a familiar enemy from the Avengers' past seeks to steal the technology for themselves, your team must stop them before they unleash an oppressive new age upon the planet. Fight alongside some of your favorite Avengers in a race to protect the world. Suit up, step in and save the world in the ultimate Marvel Studios immersive experience.
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Tom Holland Reportedly Pushing For [Spoilers] To Be In Spider-Man 3

Things were shaky for a while there last year, but Spider-Man is staying in the McU for the foreseeable future. What this means is that Marvel can continue the trend of having Peter Parker team up with a familiar hero from the franchise in each of his movies. Spider-Man: Homecoming co-starred Iron Man and Far From Home had Nick Fury, but who’ll join the wall-crawler in Spider-Man 3? Well, apparently, Tom Holland has someone in mind.

As we reported a few months back, the studio was initially playing around with one of Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel appearing in the threequel. However, Cumberbatch’s limited availability ruled him out and the current plan is to hold Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan off until their respective solo projects. This means that the floor is now clear for Holland to vouch for his personal choice: Ant-Man.

We Got This
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Spider-Man 3 May Feature A Surprising Avenger

Though Peter Parker’s former mentor Iron Man is no longer with us, it seems the upcoming Spider-Man 3 may see the wall-crawler reunite with another major player from Marvel’s Infinity Saga. Though one who’s quite unexpected.

According to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us that Taskmaster would be the main villain in Black Widow, and that a She-Hulk Disney Plus show was in development, both of which were later confirmed – Marvel is keen to have another Avenger in Spidey’s third McU solo outing.

Previously, we told you that the studio was considering Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel for the part. However, we’re now hearing from our sources that Benedict Cumberbatch’s contract only covers Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and one other movie, and that he may not renew after that, meaning that he
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Halloween Kills Star Says The Film Is Really Intense

David Gordon Green’s forthcoming slasher film Halloween Kills is set to continue the story of Laurie Strode, the former sister of Michael Myers and sole survivor of his initial spree of killings in Haddonfield, Illinois. Laurie’s genealogical relationship to Michael was revealed in Rick Rosenthal’s 1981 sequel Halloween II, a movie that was retconned away and replaced by Green’s 2018 film Halloween, which was itself both a direct legacy sequel to the 1978 Compass International classic as well as the opening installment of a new Halloween trilogy by Blumhouse Productions, who acquired the rights to the franchise after Dimension Films let them lapse following Rob Zombie’s 2009 sequel to his 2007 reboot.

Discussing the project on the Fantasm podcast, co-star Anthony Michael Hall assured hosts Corey Gorechrist and Dr. Vincent West that “fans are going to really like this film. It’s really intense. It’s really good.” Hall plays Tommy Doyle,
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Halloween Kills: Anthony Michael Hall Gets Paul Rudd's Blessing as the New Tommy Doyle

  • MovieWeb
Halloween Kills: Anthony Michael Hall Gets Paul Rudd's Blessing as the New Tommy Doyle
In this year's horror sequel Halloween Kills, Anthony Michael Hall will be playing the adult version of Tommy Doyle, one of the two children babysat by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in the original movie. Longtime fans of the series will know that Hall is not the only person to play an older version of the character, as Paul Rudd famously played the part in 1995. The role may now be changing hands once again, but from one Tommy Doyle to another, Rudd offered Hall his support in taking on the role.

Recently, Anthony Michael Hall spoke about his role in Halloween Kills in a new interview. The actor revealed that Rudd called director David Gordon Green during the shoot, and it sounds like he's thrilled to have Hall playing Tommy Doyle next. After Rudd told Green how happy he was for Hall to step into the role, Green passed the
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