‘Working Woman’ Review by Peter Belsito

‘Working Woman’ Review by Peter Belsito
A Jerusalem woman’s business career is ruined by her boss’ aggressive sexual behavior in this powerful Israeli drama.

The person who believes there’s never any excuse for putting up with the boss’s sexual harassment has probably never experienced any, let alone risked losing a position or needed salary if they complain.

Most women — and people in general — don’t have any choice but to put up with “a certain amount” of crap to get ahead at all and often is a real career advancement choice.

That’s the fix the heroine of Working Woman finds herself in: She’s wedged between the need for a job that greatly improves her young family’s prospects and the increasingly discomfiting behavior of her superior.

This second narrative feature by Israeli documentarian Michal Aviad is a strong drama that eschews melodramatic contrivance, making its points via cool (yet sometimes squirm-inducing) observation.
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