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  • (1935 - 1969) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • The Gentle People (1939). Drama. Written by Irwin Shaw. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Harold Clurman. Belasco Theatre: 5 Jan 1939- May 1939 (closing date unknown/141 performances). Cast: Katherine Allen, Roman Bohnen (as "Philip Anagnos"), Harry Bratsburg, Grover Burgess (as "Judge"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Lammanawitz"), Lulla David, Sam Jaffe (as "Jonah Goodman"), Elia Kazan (as "Eli Lieber"), Karl Malden (as "Magruder"), Martin Ritt (as "Polack"), Sylvia Sidney (as "Stella Goodman"), George Skelton, Franchot Tone (as "Harold Goff"). Produced by The Group. Note: Although Cobb played Lammanawitz in the original Broadway stage production of Irwin Shaw's "The Gentle People". This was made into the film Out of the Fog (1941) starring John Garfield, but the character played by Cobb apparently either underwent a name change for the film (as did a few of the other characters) or was eliminated from the screenplay entirely.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Johnny Johnson. Musical comedy. Written by Paul Green. Music by Kurt Weill. Musical Direction by Lehman Engel. Directed by Lee Strasberg. 44th Street Theatre: 19 Nov 1936- 16 Jan 1937 (68 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "English Sergeant"), Peter Ainsley, Kate Allen, James Blake, Roman Bohnen (as "Grandpa Joe"), Phoebe Brand, Grover Burgess, Jean Burton, Morris Carnovsky (as "Chief of the Allied High Command"), William Challee (as "Private Fairfax"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Dr. McBray"), Russell Collins (as "Johnny Johnson"), Curt Conway, John Garfield [credited as Jules Garfield](as "Johann Lang"), Judson Hall, Robert Joseph, Elia Kazan (as "Private Kearns" and "Dr. Frewd"), Thomas C. Kennedy, Tony Kraber, Will Lee, Bob Lewis, Paul Mann, Sanford Meisner (as "Captain Valentine"), Paula Miller, John Most, Ruth Nelson, Joseph Pevney (as "West Point Lieutenant"), Herbert Ratner, Eddie Ryan, Jack Saltzman, Alfred Saxe, Susanna Senior, Art Smith, Eunice Stoddard, Albert Dekker (credited as Albert Van Dekker) (as "Corporal George"). Produced by The Group Theatre.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Bitter Stream. Drama. Written by Victor Wolfson. From "Fontamara" by Ignazio Silone. Scenic Design by Cleon Throckmorton. Directed by Jacob Ben-Ami and Charles Freidman. Civic Repertory Theatre: 30 Mar 1936- May 1936 (closing date unknown/61 performances). Cast: Frances Bavier (as "Soreanera"), Walter Beck, Malcolm Lee Beggs (as "Don Abacchio/Prison Guard"), John Boruff (as "The Stranger"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Don Circonstantza"), Frank Conlan, Carlo Conte, Lizzie Cubitt, Harry Davis, Billy Dunkley, Sam Gordon, Millicent Green, Robert Harris, Franklin Heller, David Hoffman, Charles Jordan, Regina Kahn, Manart Kippen (as "Inspector"), Harry Levian, Edward Mann, Paul Marian, Sydney Mason, Rolla Normund, Sidney Packer, Vincent Sherman (as "Scarpone"), Hester Sondergaard, Jerry Sylvan, Lili Eisenlohr Valenty, Albert Dekker [credited as Albert Van Dekker] (as "Berardo"), Marjorie Wood (as "The Promoter's Wife/Angelina"), P.A. Xantho (as "Farmer"). Produced by The Theatre Union.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Golden Boy. Drama. Written by Clifford Odets. Stage Manager: Alan Woolfson. Assistant Stage Manager: Martin Ritt and Bert Conway. Directed by Harold Clurman. Belasco Theatre: 4 Nov 1937- Jun 1938 (closing date unknown/250 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Joe Bonaparte"), Roman Bohnen (as "Tom Moody"), Phoebe Brand (as "Anna"), Harry Bratsburg, Morris Carnovsky (as "Mr. Bonaparte"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Mr. Carp"), Bert Conway, Charles Crisp, Howard Da Silva (as "Lewis"), Frances Farmer (as "Lorna Moon"), John Garfield (as "Siggie") [credited as Jules Garfield], Michael Gordon, Elia Kazan (as "Eddie Fuselli"), Robert Lewis, Charles Niemeyer, John O'Malley, Martin Ritt (as "Sam"), Karl Malden (as "Barker") [credited as Mladen Sekulovich] (Broadway debut), Art Smith. Produced by The Group Theatre. Note: Filmed by Columbia Pictures Corp. as Golden Boy (1939).
  • (1935) Stage Play: Mother. Musical. Written by Bertolt Brecht. Music by Hanns Eisler, Jerome Moross and Alex North. Translated by Paul Peters. From a novel by Maxim Gorky. Directed by Victor Wolfson. Civic Repertory Theatre: 19 Nov 1935- Dec 1935 (closing date unknown/36 performances). Cast: Frances Bavier (as "Woman/The Butcher's Wife/Lydia Antonovna"), John Boruff (as "Pavel Vlasov"), Lee J. Cobb (as "A Policeman," "Smilgin," and "Vasil Yefimovich"), Millicent Green (as "Vera Stefanovna"), Helen Henry, Lester Lonergan Jr., James MacDonald, Robert Miller, Charles Niemeyer, Bradley Louis Roberts, Tony Ross, Herbert Rudley, Guy Smith, Jr., Hester Sondergaard (as "Masha"), Martin Wolfson (as "Ivan Vesovchikov"), Stanley G. Wood. Produced by The Theatre Union.
  • Winged Victory (1943). Musical drama. Written by Moss Hart. Incidental music by Sgt. David Rose. Music arranged by Sgt. David Rose. Assistant Musical Dir.: M/Sgt. Norman Leyden. Featuring songs by Carmen Dragon, Franz Gruber, Joseph Mohr and Robert Crawford. 44th Street Theatre: 20 Nov 1943- 20 May 1944 (212 productions). Cast: Sgt. John Ademy, Cpl. Jerry Hilliard Adler, Pvt. John Andes, Cpl. Richard Annis, Florence Aquino, Cpl. Edward Ashley, Mrs. Edward Ashley, Faith Avery, Phyllis Avery, Mathilde Baring, Capt. Sidney Bassler, Cpl. Etienne Bauer, Mrs. Alan Baxter, Pvt. Alan Baxter, Pvt. Richard Beach, 2nd Lt. Don Beddoe (as "Colonel Blakely"), Capt. Raye Bidwell, Pvt. Whit Bissell (as "Lt. Jules Hudson"), Joan Black, Pfc. Kenneth Black, Pvt. Ramon Blackburn, Pvt. Royce Blackburn, Pvt. Robert Blakeman, Pvt. Philip Bourneuf (as "Colonel Gibney"), S/Sgt. Sascha Brastoff, Mrs. Robert I. Braun, Sgt. Horace Brynolfson, Pfc. Thomas Burdick, Pfc. James Burke, Pvt. Red Buttons (as "Whitey"), Mrs. William Cahan, Sgt. David Calvin, Cpl. Robert Cantell, Sgt. Frank Chamberlin, Shirley Chambers, Pfc. Dick Chandlee, Mrs. Thomas Charlesworth, Pfc. Thomas Charlesworth, Cpl. Ira Cirker, Pvt. Lee J. Cobb (as "Doctor Baker"), Pvt. Alfred Cocozza, Pvt. Eugene Conley, Mary Cooper, Cpl. Fred Cotton, Sgt. Howard Cranford, Cpl. Mark Daniels, Mrs. Mark Daniels, S/Sgt. Frank Davis, Pfc. John Deane, Olive Deering (as "Ruth"), Pfc. Thomas Dillon, Cpl. Milton Douglas, Mrs. Milton Douglas, Cpl. Russell W. Drewes, Mrs. Michael Duane, Pvt. Michael Duane, Sgt. David Durston, Katherine Eames, Helen Eastman, Pvt. George Edwards, 2nd Lt. Frank Egan, Pvt. John Elliott, Mrs. James Engler, Cpl. Tommy Farrell (as "Ensemble"), Mrs. Abe Feder, Elfin Finn, Mrs. Arthur Finne, Pvt. Arthur Finne, Pfc. Kenneth Forbes, Pvt. John Ford, Pvt. John Forsythe (as "Ensemble"), Sgt. D.J. Fradenburg, Elisabeth Fraser, Sgt. Carl Fredrickson, Genevieve Frizzell, Mrs. Gilbert Frye, Sgt. Gilbert Frye, Pvt. Dave Gaber, S/Sgt. Gordon Gaines, Cpl. Charles Gavek, Pvt. Hayes Gordon, Mrs. Thomas Grace, Sgt. Thomas Grace, Pvt. A.L. Green, Pfc. John Green, Sgt. George Griffin, Virginia Hammond, Pfc. Donald Hanmer, Pvt. Michael Harvey, S/Sgt. Peter Lind Hayes (as "O'Brien"), Pfc. Pitt Herbert, Gilbert Herman, Pvt. Bert Hicks, 1st Lt. George Hoffmann, Mrs. Dick Hogan, Pvt. Dick Hogan, Cpl. Donald Hultgren, Pvt. Milton Hultgren, Sgt. Rune Hultman, T/5 Jay Hyde, Pfc. Alan Jason, Mrs. William Justice, Pvt. William Justice, Sgt. Frank Kane, Mrs. Herman Kantor, Mrs. Paul Kaye, Pvt. Paul Kaye, Pvt. John R. Kearney, Pvt. James Keogan, Pvt. Alfred Kunz, Mrs. Stuart Langley, Pvt. Stuart Langley, Cpl. James Larmore, Cpl. John Lawler, Mary Lenhardt, Pvt. Harry Lewis, Mrs. John Macmillan, Pvt. John Macmillan, Pvt. Louis J. Magyar, Pvt. Karl Malden (as "Adams"), Sgt. Zeke Manners, Pvt. William Marshall, Pfc. James Mattingly, Pfc. Robert J. Mauch (as "Ensemble"), Pfc. Billy Mauch (as "Ensemble"), Sgt. Kevin McCarthy (as "Ronny Meade"), Jean McCoy, Pfc. Ray McDonald, Mrs. Edward McMahon, Pfc. Edward McMahon, Mrs. Norman Mendelson, Pfc. Norman M. Mendelson, Cpl. Gary Merrill (as "Captain McIntyre"), Mrs. Gary Merrill, Pvt. Ray Merrill, Sgt. Joseph Meyer, Sgt. Ray Middleton (as "Lt. Sperry"), Ellen Miller, Pvt. Barry Mitchell, Pvt. Kent Morrison, Pvt. Robert Nash, Pvt. William Nash, 1st Lt. William Neil, Mrs. William Neil, Pvt. Barry Nelson (as "Bobby Grills"), Cpl. Eugene Nelson, Pfc. Edmond O'Brien (as "Irving Miller"), Pvt. Damian O'Flynn, Margaret Parmentier, Pvt. Cy Perkins, Pvt. George Petrie, Laura Pierpont (as "Mrs. Gardner"), Cpl. James Polack, Pvt. Jack Powell, Sgt. Jack Proctor, Pvt. James Rafferty, Sgt. Salvatore Randazzo, Sgt. Edward Reardon, Cpl. Earl Redding, Pvt. Walter Reed, Mrs. George Reeves, Sgt. George Reeves (as "Lt. Thompson"), Cpl. Don Richards, Pvt. Grant Richards, Mrs. Carroll Riddle, 1st Lt. Carroll C. Riddle, Pfc. Martin Ritt (as "Gleason"), Mrs. Archie Robbins, Pvt. Archie Robbins, Pfc. Robert Rose, Pvt. Emanuel Rosenberg, Pfc. Anthony Ross, Pfc. Arthur Ross, Pvt. Henry Rowland, Elsa Ryan, Pvt. Alfred Ryder, S/Sgt. Danny Scholl, Pfc. David Scott, Sgt. Wilbur Sheibels, Pfc. Douglas Sibole, Pvt. Henry Slate, Pvt. Jack Slate, Pvt. Dan Stanley, Pvt. Robert Stevens, Mrs. Julian Stockdale, Pvt. Julian Stockdale, Mrs. Claude Stroud, Pvt. Claude Stroud, Mrs. Elliot Sullivan, Pvt. Elliot Sullivan, Cpl. Frederick Sullivan, Cpl. David Sureck, Pvt. Don Taylor, Pfc. Forrest Thompson, Pfc. James Thompson, Pvt. John Tyers, Pfc. Kenneth Utt, Pvt. Howard Vanderberg, Pvt. George Wainwright, Cpl. Finley Walker, Laura Walker, Sgt. Fred Weisberg, Sgt. Frank Whitmore, Pvt. Jack Willey, Mrs. Robert Willey, Sgt. Robert Willey, Pvt. Jack Williams, Cpl. Joseph Williams, Sgt. Victor Young, Sgt. Jerome Zimmerman. Produced by The U.S. Army Air Forces. Note: Actors in this production were on active duty in the armed forces at the time of production and credited under their various ranks.
  • (1938) He acted in Clifford Odets' play, "Golden Boy," at the St. James' Theatre in London, England in the Group Theatre of New York production with Luther Adler and Lillian Emerson in the cast. Harold Clurman was director. Mordecai Gorelik was designer.
  • (1941) Stage Play: Clash by Night. Drama. Written by Clifford Odets. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Belasco Theatre: 27 Dec 1941- 7 Feb 1942 (49 performances). Cast: Seth Arnold (as "Vincent Kress"), Tallulah Bankhead (as "Mae Wilenski"), Ralph Chambers (as "Mr. Potter"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Jerry Wilenski"), Stephan Eugene Cole (as "Usher"), Harold Grau (as "Man"), John F. Hamilton (as "Jerry's Father"), Katherine Locke (as "Peggy Coffey"), William Nunn (as "Waiter"), Robert Ryan (as "Joe W. Doyle"), Joseph Schildkraut (as "Earl Pfeiffer"), Joseph Shattuck (as "Abe Horowitz"), Art Smith (as "Tom"). Produced by Billy Rose. Note: Filmed as Clash by Night (1952).
  • (1953) Stage Play: The Emperor's Clothes. Drama. Written by George Tabori. Scenic Design by Lester Polakov. Costume Design by Ben Edwards. Lighting Design by Lester Polakov. Directed by Harold Clurman. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 9 Feb 1953- 21 Feb 1953 (16 performances). Cast: John Anderson (as "Policeman/Singer"), Richard Case (as "A Boy"), David Clarke (as "The Man Without Shoes"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Elek Odry"), Tamara Daykarhanova (as "Granny"), Brandon De Wilde (as "Ferike"), Howard H. Fischer (as "Mr. Schmitz"), Mike Kellin (as "Second Rottenbiller Brother"), Esmond Knight (as "The Baron"), Allan Rich (as "Milkman"), Philip Rodd (as "The Fat Hugo"), Anthony Ross (as "Peter"), Maureen Stapleton (as "Bella"), Michael Strong (as "First Rottenbiller Brother"), Nydia Westman (as "Mrs. Schmitz"). The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • (1968) Stage Play: King Lear. Drama (revival). [Production played in repertory with A Cry of Players]. Written by William Shakespeare. Incidental music by John Morris. Scenic Design by Ming Cho Lee. Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge. Lighting Design by John Gleason. Assistant Scenic Design: Lee Rand Jenkins. Assistant Director: Amy Saltz. Directed by Gerald Freedman. Vivian Beaumont Theatre: 14 Nov 1968- 15 Feb 1969 (72 performances + 4 previews). Cast: Ruth Attaway (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Attles (as "Ensemble"), Rene Auberjonois (as "Fool"), Gerry Black (as "Ensemble"), Samual Blue, Jr. (as "Ensemble"), Philip Bosco (as "Earl of Kent"), Virgilia Chew (as "Ensemble"), Charles Cioffi (as "Duke of Albany"), Lee J. Cobb (as "King Lear of Britain") [final Broadway role], James Cook (as "Ensemble"), John Devlin (as "Duke of Cornwall"), Stan Dworkin (as "Ensemble"), Patricia Elliott (as "Regan, Lear's Daughter "), Stephen Elliott (as "Earl of Gloucester"), Barnett Epstein (as "Ensemble"), Brendan Fay (as "Cornwall's Servant"), Mervyn Haines (as "Messenger to Cordelia/Ensemble"), Douglas Hayle (as "Ensemble"), Martin Herzer (as "Ensemble"), Stacy Keach (as "Edmund, Gloucester's Bastard Son"), Robert Levine (as "Ensemble"), Marilyn Lightstone (as "Goneril, Lear's Daughter"), Don McHenry (as "Old Man"), Judith Mihalyi (as "Ensemble"), Robert Molock (as "Ensemble"), Bill Moor (as "Duke of Burgundy"), William Myers (as "Doctor"), Robert Phalen (as "King of France/Soldier"), Paul Rudd (as "Herald/Ensemble"), Tom Sawyer (as "Oswald, Goneril's Steward"), Joseph Schroer (as "Captain/Ensemble"), Robert Stattel (as "Edgar, Gloucester's Son"), Jean-Pierre Stewart (as "Messenger to Albany/Ensemble"), Ray Stewart (as "Curan"), Barbette Tweed (as "Cordelia, Lear's Daughter"), Susan Tyrrell (as "Ensemble"), Ronald Weyand (as "Gentleman"). Understudies: Charles Cioffi (as "King Lear of Britain"), James Cook (as "Fool"), Jerome Dempsey (as "Curan/Ensemble"), John Devlin (as "Edmund"), Michael Egan (as "Doctor/Duke of Burgundy"), Mervyn Haines (as "Ensemble"), Joan Jeffri (as "Goneril/Regan"), Judith Mihalyi (as "Cordelia"), William Myers (as "Earl of as "Gloucester/Ensemble"), Robert Phalen (as "Edgar"), Joseph Schroer (Duke of Cornwall/Oswald"), Jean-Pierre Stewart (as "King of France"), Ronald Weyand (as "Earl of Kent"). Produced by Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center (under the direction of Jules Irving).
  • (1940) Stage Play: The Fifth Column. Drama. Adapted from a play by Ernest Hemingway. Book adapted by Benjamin Glazer. Scenic Design by Howard Bay. Costume Design by Paul Du Pont. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Alvin Theatre: 6 Mar 1940- 18 May 1940 (87 performances). Cast: Emil Boreo (as "Hotel Manager"), Hilda Bruce (as "Petra"), Sid Cassel (as "Hotel Electrician/First Waiter"), Fred Catania (as "Another Assault Guard"), Kendall Clark (as "Private Wilkinson"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Max"), Harry Davis (as "The Butterfly Man"), John Gerard (as "A Thin Officer/A Prowler/Second Waiter"), Raoul Henry (as "A Sentry/Another Assault Guard"), A.J. Herbert (as "Preston"), Charles Jordan (as "Doyle"), Peter Knego (as "Another Assault Guard"), David Leonard (as "A Man in Civilian Clothes"), Henry Levin Another Soldier/A Signaler"), Philip Lewis (as "Holt"), Katherine Locke (as "Dorothy Bridges"), Arnold Moss (as "Antonio"), Wendell K. Phillips (as "A Soldier from New York"), Michael Sage (as "Another Sentry/An Assault Guard/An Artilleryman"), William F. Schoeller (as "A General from Germany"), Franchot Tone (as "Philip Rawlings"), Lenore Ulric (as "Anita"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors).
  • (July 26 to August 13, 1932) He acted in Henrik Ibsen's play, "Peer Gynt," at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California with Douglas Montgomery in the cast. Morris Ankrum was director. Gilmor Brown was artistic director.
  • (July 17 to 29, 1934) He acted in Owen Wister's play, "The Virginian," at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California with Victory Jory and Milburn Stone in the cast. Gilmor Brown was artistic director. Byron Foulger was director.

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