Best Driver to Deliver Life Saving Drugs Cross Country

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This is inspired by a line in Bad Boys for Life (2020), where Det. Mike Lowry says something like “This car holds the road better than the Bat-mobile”. (Sorry Mike, but you didn’t make the list because you simply weren’t bad-ass enough. But a guy who looks just like you in Men in Black (1997) did.) well, this time you are a top notch Scientist/Doctor in a SciFy action film that combines serum run of Balto (1995), the Casa Cristo cross-country race of Speed Racer (2008), Car Wars rpg game, and the road attacks of all the “Mad Max” films. Going back to the noun in the last sentence, you are a Scientist/Doctor in Miami, Florida who needs to transport a serum cure to a new disease that sprung up in Nome, Alaska. But the state of the nation has fallen into ruin with cities as more like armed forts and the countryside is barbaric wilderness populated with gangs of bandits (to put it mildly). There are ether no bridges (or very week ones) across the rivers! And oh yes, your serum can be converted into a highly addictive illegal drug that sells for millions, which would give a reason for every bad guy to chase you! Which bad-ass driver and his bad-ass car (with a few extra enhancements) do you trust to get you and your serum from Miami to L.A. (to pick-up a few more ingredients) and then up that crazy coast highway north of L.A. that hugs the cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other and is filled with hairpin turns to San Francisco and up to Nome, Alaska. You cross every conceivable environment, deserts, Bonnevile Salt Flats, forests, swamps, mountains, ice caves, and glaziers. Who and whose car do you trust? Remember, this is not only a race to save lives, it is a road war. No cars from animation unless they were done in live action films. Also no characters from the Deathrace films because they gained points by killing people. Heroes only, not murders. Aka, they would be on the enemy side attacking you.

If you need a rest from your journey, stop by this roadside diner. If you got anybody to suggest, please give a brief description of what the car does.

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