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1. The Medium

Horror | Post-production

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Director: Brando Lee | Stars: Harris Dickinson, Fiona Dourif, Randy Wayne, Jordan Belfi

2. The Shuroo Process

Drama | Post-production

When a young NYC based freelance magazine writer, frustrated with the pressures of a failing publishing world and a less than promising romantic life, becomes infatuated by a wildly charismatic self-help guru it sends her on a journey of self improvement with catastrophic consequences.

Director: Emrhys Cooper | Stars: Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Rainey Qualley, Jeff Hephner

3. Assassin's Fury

Action, Thriller | Post-production

Susan George, ex special forces soldier spent the last few years of her life working for mysterious and powerful organization called 'Canberra'. Observation, mercenary missions, ... See full summary »

Director: David A. Prior | Stars: Chelan Simmons, Cynthia Murell, William Sanderson, Mark Rolston

4. The Clearing (I)

Horror | Post-production

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Director: David Matalon | Stars: Liam McIntyre, Aundrea Smith, Steven Swadling, Sydelle Noel

6. Salvation (VIII)

Thriller | Post-production

An apocalypse survivor in search of his lost daughter is drawn into a deadly creation myth.

Director: Bennet De Brabandere | Stars: Julian Richings, Carlyn Burchell, Matia Jackett, Zion Forrest Lee

7. Hall

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Post-production

When a debilitating sickness spreads across a long hotel hallway, a few scattered victims fight for survival, and try to escape from the dark narrow stretch of isolated carnage.

Director: Francesco Giannini | Stars: Carolina Bartczak, Julian Richings, Mark Gibson, Dawn Ford

8. All About Who You Know

Comedy | Post-production

Cole, an aspiring twentysomething screenwriter, decides to write his most ambitious script to date by plotting out a whimsical, atmospheric, rom-com relationship with the daughter of his ... See full summary »

Director: Jake Horowitz | Stars: Dylan Everett, Niamh Wilson, Stephen Joffe, David Hewlett

9. Cry Me A River

90 min | Thriller | Post-production

Jack Strachan, a shady ex-sports star in hiding out in Norway, is stalked by a mysterious woman he cannot identify who closely resembles his murdered wife, Veronique. Convinced of her evil ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Parry | Stars: Julie Dray, Navid Negahban, T'Nia Miller, Sam Hazeldine

10. Svartklubb

79 min | Horror | Post-production

A strange illness spreads among the participants of an illegal rave.

Director: Nils Alatalo | Stars: Isabelle Grill, Tuva Jagell, Victor Iván, Ebba Bangoura

11. House of Glass

88 min | Drama, Thriller | Post-production

Convinced her husband is cheating from his murmurs during sleep, a woman is pushed over the edge.

Director: Reyn Del Rio | Stars: Michael Monks, Jenny Shakeshaft, Stephen Ellis, Alexandra Bard

12. Legacy of Lies

Thriller | Post-production

An ex-MI6 agent is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes to uncover the shocking truth about operations conducted by unknown secret services.

Director: Adrian Bol | Stars: Scott Adkins, Honor Kneafsey, Andrea Vasiliou, Martin McDougall

13. Shadow Wars

96 min | Sci-Fi | Post-production

Julie Madsen's (Tasma Walton) life is turned upside down after surviving a horrific car accident. She awakens fifteen years later, with a strange psychic ability, and is placed inside a ... See full summary »

Director: Timothy Boyle | Stars: Tasma Walton, John Rhys-Davies, Steve Bastoni, Jay Laga'aia

14. Tainted (II)

Crime, Drama, Thriller | Post-production

TAINTED follows Lance, an ex Finnish Mafia cleaner who tries to leave this violent world behind, discovering that men who live a violent life are destined to face a violent fate and their ... See full summary »

Director: Brent Cote | Stars: John Rhys-Davies, Sara Waisglass, Shawn Roberts, Alan Van Sprang

15. G-Loc

Sci-Fi | Post-production

The story of Bran Marshall, a young man who has fled from Earth through The Gate to find a new home on Rhea. But the early human settlers of Rhea have decided that they will no longer ... See full summary »

Director: Tom Paton | Stars: Stephen Moyer, Tala Gouveia, Casper Van Dien, Emily Haigh

16. Brother's Keeper (VIII)

Drama | Post-production

Brother's Keeper is a true story about the '09 Abilene High School Football team.

Director: Todd Randall | Stars: Laurence Fishburne, Abigail Hawk, Milo Gibson, Noel Gugliemi

17. iGilbert

90 min | Drama | Post-production

Gilbert Gonzalez (Adrian Martinez), feels isolated from the world. He is 39, a virgin, obese and lives with his sarcastic, overprotective mother, who owns the Manhattan brownstone. Fearful ... See full summary »

Director: Adrian Martinez | Stars: Mozhan Marnò, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Dascha Polanco, Adrian Martinez

20. Other Monsters

Crime, Thriller | Post-production

A troubled ex-marine embarks on one last mission, to get even with the four men who robbed him of the only beautiful thing he'd ever had.

Director: Ben Lanoha | Stars: Alexandra Holden, Chloe Farnworth, Kris Park, Mark Blockovich

21. The Spyce of Life

Action | Post-production

Former New York gangster Max Mayfair is living the 'good life' in London. He's rubbing elbows with the most glamorous of crowds, has a Mayfair penthouse that's widely known as every ... See full synopsis »

Director: Philippe Martinez | Stars: Steven Bauer, Armand Assante, Nathalie Cox, Ken Davitian

22. A Brixton Tale

76 min | Drama | Post-production

Wealthy YouTuber Leah chooses shy youth Benji as the subject of her Brixton documentary. They fall for each other, but the desire for edgy footage leads them down a violent path.

Directors: Darragh Carey, Bertrand Desrochers | Stars: Lily Newmark, Jaime Winstone, Michael Maloney, Barney Harris

23. Fugitive Dreams

Drama | Post-production

In this allegorical road movie touching on issues of homelessness, mental health, and addiction, two lost souls embark across a dreamscape America. Their darkly strange journey confronts ... See full summary »

Director: Jason Neulander | Stars: April Matthis, Robbie Tann, Scott Shepherd, O-Lan Jones

25. SOS

Horror | Post-production

Nola was captured and she was to be sold. But the cargo had to be forever lost, she was apart of the cargo, but Nola will never be lost.

Director: Bryan Martin | Stars: Vernon Wells, Jenabah Koroma, Rachel Faulkner, Dawn Noel

26. Kringle Time

Comedy | Post-production

The manager of a small town public access station questions the legacy of his favorite children's show mascot when he learns that the man inside the costume had been carrying a dark and scandalous secret.

Director: Matthew Lucas | Stars: Benny Elledge, Vernon Wells, Gigi Edgley, Jeff Wincott

27. Kill Giggles

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

Tommy dos Santos wasn't born a psychopath, really, nor was he made into a sociopath, per se. He was something entirely new, and he was walking his own path - a path that will run red with ... See full summary »

Director: Jaysen P. Buterin | Stars: Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Judith O'Dea, Ellie Church

28. Into the Wilderness (I)

Thriller | Post-production

At the Battle of the Wilderness, a war-hardened, North Carolina Confederate soldier makes a fateful decision in the heat of battle that sends him on a journey home through a parallel wilderness.

Director: Richard De Witt | Stars: Shuler Hensley, Christopher-Lawson Palmer, Kelly Shipe, Cylk Cozart

29. The Archivist (II)

Not Rated | 100 min | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | Post-production

In the year 2070, Caulder Benson is a government archivist officer charged by an increasingly invasive and restrictive government to destroy all elements and remnants of his society's self-indulgent and avaricious past.

Director: Eric Hand | Stars: Jennifer Giles, Eric Hand, Nico Johnston, Marc Bowerman

30. L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Fantasy | Post-production

Young Kansas farm girl Dorothy Gale is taken by a tornado to the marvelous Land of Oz. Together with her strange new friends, she will free the people of Oz from the rule of wicked witches and false wizards in her search for a way home.

Director: Clayton Spinney | Stars: Marie Rizza, Steven Lowry, Curt Rose, Rinn Critzer

31. Nowhere Special

Drama | Post-production

Nowhere Special features James Norton (Happy Valley, Mr Jones, Little Women) as thirty five-year-old window cleaner John, who has dedicated his life to bringing up his son, after the ... See full summary »

Director: Uberto Pasolini | Stars: James Norton, Valene Kane, Rhoda Ofori-Attah, Keith McErlean

33. The Color Rose

Thriller | Post-production

Seven girls start a cult where each of them must embody one of the seven deadly sins. They realize there's more to their religious town after they go missing one by one.

Director: Courtney Paige | Stars: Kaitlyn Bernard, Brenna Llewellyn, Brenna Coates, Keilani Elizabeth Rose

34. Bright Hill Road

Horror | Post-production

When a misstep after a workplace shooting puts alcoholic Marcy on leave, she heads out to see her sister in California. Halfway there, she stops for a couple of days at the Bright Hill Road... See full summary »

Director: Robert Cuffley | Stars: Siobhan Williams, Michael Eklund, Agam Darshi, Sally Cacic

35. Seven Days 'Till Midnight

Drama | Post-production

A troubled man venturing into the wilderness to find himself stumbles across a place that offers him a chance to go back and fix the mistakes of his past, asking the age old question: "if ... See full summary »

Director: James Suttles | Stars: Tyler Chase, R. Keith Harris, Ashley Shelton, Pierce Pope

36. GangLand

Drama | Post-production

The city of Chicago is plagued by Gang Violence on both sides of the city in this modern retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet story. In the midst of their chaos, two young lovers must ... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Claude La Marre | Stars: Wood Harris, Clifton Powell, Keith Robinson, Porscha Coleman

38. Come Home

Horror | Post-production

A haunting tale of family life. A vulnerable young boy finds his mother pushed out of the family home by a strange new woman, and he must confront the terrifying supernatural forces that seem to move in with her.

Director: Ben Charles Edwards | Stars: Davi Santos, Camilla Rutherford, Sandra Andreis, Nicholas Tucci

39. Impious

Horror | Post-production

A family in turmoil, a psychiatrist who refuses to see anything but what he is trained to see, and a priest who fears evil can be more powerful than good - "IMPIOUS"

Director: George McCluskey | Stars: Diane Ellis, George McCluskey, Warren Hicks, Greg Hobbs

41. The Corruption of Divine Providence

Drama | Post-production

When a sixteen year old Stigmatic Metis girl is kidnapped from a small French Canadian town different religious factions vie for control over her upon her eventual return. Set in western ... See full summary »

Director: Jeremy Torrie | Stars: Elyse Levesque, Tantoo Cardinal, Ali Skovbye, Corey Sevier

42. Senior Moment

Comedy, Romance | Post-production

The DMV just messed with the wrong SOB.

Director: Giorgio Serafini | Stars: Katrina Bowden, Joe Estevez, William Shatner, Christopher Lloyd

43. The Reunion (XII)

Drama | Post-production

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Director: Phil Donlon | Stars: Dave Rosenberg, Andrea Modica, Cara Ronzetti, Dinh Doan

44. Killer Rose

Horror | Post-production

On the Padgett County line, there is a rundown strip club called the Golden Monkey, run by Becky Cross who is sexy but tough as nails. One of her girls, Misty, was brutally murdered in the ... See full summary »

Director: Rickey Bird Jr. | Stars: Dave Sheridan, Caroline Williams, Felissa Rose, Judson Mills

45. 5 Years Apart

Comedy, Drama | Post-production

Two estranged brothers born on the same day, five years apart, run into each other at their family vacation home with wildly different expectations for how their birthday weekend is going to play out.

Director: Joe Angelo Menconi | Stars: Chloe Bennet, Scott Michael Foster, Ally Maki, Michael Vlamis

46. A Genie's Tail

Family | Post-production

It's magical mayhem when a puppy unearths a genie's lamp housing two boisterous, bickering Genie brothers.

Director: Brent Huff | Stars: Jake Paul, Kevin P. Farley, Riley Jackson, John Farley

47. There You'll Find Me

Drama, Romance | Post-production

Finley, a talented aspiring violinist, meets Beckett, a famous young movie star, on the way to her college semester abroad program in a small coastal village in Ireland. An unexpected ... See full summary »

Director: Brian Baugh | Stars: Katherine McNamara, Judith Hoag, Jedidiah Goodacre, Vanessa Redgrave

48. Echo Boomers

Action, Crime, Drama | Post-production

Based on a true story, five college graduates decide the best way to get back at the unfair economy and live the life they've always wanted is to steal from Chicago's richest and give to themselves.

Director: Seth Savoy | Stars: Michael Shannon, Lesley Ann Warren, Alex Pettyfer, Patrick Schwarzenegger

49. Maze of Fate

93 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | Post-production

This suspenseful drama explores the ricocheting effects of our decisions - twisting an unpredictable path through East L.A.

Director: Attila Korosi | Stars: Robert LaSardo, Richard Cabral, Corina Calderon, Cesar Garcia

50. Holy New York

Drama | Post-production

Sam (Victor Rasuk) is a New Yorker and art teacher who is fixated on the TriBeCa neighborhood he grew up in, despite the fact that many of the people and places he grew up with are gone. ... See full summary »

Director: Sonya Goddy | Stars: Ione Skye, Gillian Zinser, Victor Rasuk, Martin Shakar

51. The Pastor

Action, Drama | Post-production

In a forgotten part of town, overrun by a ruthless gang; a community struggles with its faith, as they see their neighborhoods torn-apart and their youth targeted for gang recruitment. But all that is about to change.

Directors: Paco Aguilar, Hector Echavarria | Stars: Kevin Sorbo, Yeniffer Behrens, Taylor Kalupa, T.C. Stallings

52. Backwoods (IV)

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

High school cheerleader Molly woke bound and gagged in the trunk of her boyfriend's car. That was the high point of her night. After escaping her abductor and fleeing into the nearby forest... See full summary »

Director: Thomas Smith | Stars: Jeremy Sande, Tahj Vaughans, Isabella Alberti, Erin Lilley

53. The Green Sea

104 min | Drama | Post-production

A heavy metal musician lives a life of isolation until her world changes by the appearance of a strange young girl.

Director: Randal Plunkett | Stars: Katharine Isabelle, Hazel Doupe, Dermot Ward, Amy-Joyce Hastings

54. Doorman

Action, Thriller | Post-production

A woman returns from combat and befriends a family in NYC, a gang of thieves plot to take the family's valuables, she is all that stands between them and their lives.

Director: Ryûhei Kitamura | Stars: Ruby Rose, Jean Reno, Rupert Evans, Louis Mandylor

55. The Hyperions

Action | Post-production

In 1960, Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum invented the Titan badge - a device that enables humans to have a particular super power. He took in three down-on-their-luck youths, creating an ... See full summary »

Director: Jon McDonald | Stars: Cary Elwes, Tanner Buchanan, Penelope Mitchell, Elaine Tan

56. Violent Starr

90 min | Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi | Post-production

Violent Starr is a female space pirate, that ascends to be a hero through an artifact of a legendary warrior. She fights against the Godmichael and his evil minions swarming out to eliminate creatures and races that they deem "unworthy".

Director: Oliver Tietgen | Stars: Michael Berryman, Bianca Bradey, Luigi Cozzi, Kim Sønderholm

57. Borga

Drama | Post-production

"Borga" is Better. A Borga is a Ghanaian abroad living an excessive wealthy lifestyle. At least that's what they want everyone to believe.

Director: York-Fabian Raabe | Stars: Christiane Paul, Jerry Kwarteng, Henning Peker, Martin Stange

58. The Wager

Drama | Post-production

"This is a good movie." -Jim Gloyed (has won awards)

Directors: Mark Justice, Jim Gloyd | Stars: Jim Gloyd, Cameron Arnett, Bishop Stevens, Ty Shelton

59. Violence on Demand

Drama, Horror | Post-production

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Director: Matt Watts | Stars: Elissa Dowling, Sarah French, Sheri Davis, Shay Gibson

60. Hollywood Fringe

Comedy, Drama, Musical | Post-production

Two married, down-on-their-luck, actors decide to put on a site-specific play about their unsuccessful life in Hollywood.

Directors: Megan Huber, Wyatt McDill | Stars: Justin Kirk, Nishi Munshi, Maya Stojan, Charley Koontz


Drama | Post-production

Jack (Peter Vack) is an internet gambler living in NYC. After the death of his roommate, he becomes fixated on Scarlet (Julia Fox) - a cam girl from San Francisco. His obsession reaches a ... See full summary »

Director: Ben Hozie | Stars: Julia Fox, Buddy Duress, Peter Vack, Dasha Nekrasova

62. Monologue

Drama | Post-production

"Monologue" is a narrative indie feature film told entirely in voice-over as the lead character reflects upon a relationship that changed her life forever.

Director: Chad Duerksen | Stars: Hailey Harris, Andrea Flowers, Shae Rodriguez, Velizar Ionikov

63. The Candle & the Curse

Adventure, Family, Fantasy | Post-production

A cursed princess must journey to the Underworld to save her true love and realizes that the biggest obstacle to her happiness is her own prejudice.

Director: Anuja Ganpule-Sheorey | Stars: Ashwini Ganpule, Hayden Lam, Darnell Rhea, Miles Tagtmeyer

64. Under the Dark

110 min | Sci-Fi | Post-production

There is no sun but there is still life .

Director: Nedy John Cross | Stars: Robert Davi, Christina DeRosa, Natasha Blasick, Jason Scott Jenkins

65. Execution by Contract

Action, Crime | Post-production

There is only one question that ray, (Clay Trimble) and Sisqo (Mark Justice) have for you, where is the money? If you don't have the answer then things happen.

Director: Shawn Thomas | Stars: Mark Justice, Mia ScozzaFave, Clay Trimble, Jed Curtis

67. The Mustard Seed

Drama | Post-production

12 year old Sara Hopkins is the most devoted member of her family. On a trip to visit her grandfather, Sara is convinced that she sees Jesus near the bank of a river at her grand-dad's ... See full summary »

Director: Rich Correll | Stars: Rane Thomason, Mira Sorvino, Peter Coyote, Kevin Sorbo

68. Rick's Parking (TV Movie)

Action, Comedy | Post-production

Rick's Parking follows four bumbling friends and their escapades while working for one of their uncles Valet company.

Director: Josh Tessier | Stars: Clint Howard, William Katt, Rance Howard, Lisa London

69. Playing with Beethoven

Drama | Post-production

Josh, a classical piano student focused on winning the biggest competition of his life, encounters Charlotte, a free-spirited jazz pianist who distracts him to better her chances of winning... See full summary »

Director: Jenn Page | Stars: Aric Floyd, Naomi Druskic, Shannon Elizabeth, Kadeem Hardison

70. Happily (II)

Comedy, Thriller | Post-production

A dark romantic comedy. Tom and Janet have been happily married for years. But a visit from a mysterious stranger leads to a dead body, a lot of questions, and a tense couples' trip with friends who may not actually be friends at all.

Director: BenDavid Grabinski | Stars: Natalie Zea, Natalie Morales, Stephen Root, Joel McHale

71. American Fighter

R | 98 min | Biography | Completed

A desperate teenager is forced into the dangerous world of underground fighting to win enough money to save his ailing mother. He finds out what he's made of in the face of these violent hungry competitors.

Director: Shaun Paul Piccinino | Stars: Tommy Flanagan, Sean Patrick Flanery, Christina Moore, Allison Paige

73. Star Trek First Frontier

85 min | Sci-Fi | Post-production

The story of the initial launch of the Starship USS Enterprise in 2245 under the command of Captain Robert April with his wife, Commander Sarah April.

Director: Kenneth Smith | Stars: Robert Pralgo, Tara Ochs, Mark Ashworth, Paul Telfer

74. The Time War

Sci-Fi | Post-production

The story of the Nazi party and their journey to rule the world.

Director: Neil Johnson | Stars: Tracey Birdsall, William Kircher, Stephen Manley, Aaron Jacques

75. Magic Max

Drama | Post-production

After a tragic loss of both parents, 11-year-old Tim Hart is forced to live with his immensely immature Uncle Max, a second rate magician. and who, with the help of his nephew, tries to cultivate his last hand at love. Abracadabra, oops.

Director: James D. Fields | Stars: Joe Estevez, Barry Corbin, Sally Kirkland, Jud Tylor

77. Perfect Blue (II)

Fantasy | Post-production

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Director: Baoping Cao | Stars: Art Freeman, Celina Jade, Bingbing Fan, Qin Li

78. A Sweet Life


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Director: Han Niu | Stars: Celina Jade, Zhu Zhu, Chin Han, Alexia Rasmussen

80. Last Three Days

Action, Crime, Mystery | Post-production

After getting mixed up with a dangerous crime syndicate, an undercover cop wakes up to discover he is missing his partner, his wife, and three days of his life.

Director: Brian Ulrich | Stars: Thomas Wilson Brown, Gina Hiraizumi, Octavio Rodriguez, Mark Krenik

81. Year of the Detectives

Mystery, Thriller | Completed

Two young women, Chinese and American, inherit their grandfather's detective agency and reluctantly team up in order to solve their murders.

Director: Presley Paras | Stars: Freya Tingley, Paul Rae, Caylee Cowan, Jim Meskimen

82. Snakehead

Action, Crime, Drama | Post-production

A Chinese immigrant get caught up in an international crime ring of human smuggling while attempting to make a better life for her family.

Director: Evan Jackson Leong | Stars: Celia Au, Shuya Chang, Jolie Chan, Devon Diep

83. Landfill

Crime, Family, Fantasy | Post-production

When a little girl begins to see the ghost of another girl her age shortly after finding a necklace at a landfill, she embarks on a journey to help the ghost discover the mystery behind her death.

Director: Yesser Laham | Stars: Christine Elise, Linda Blair, Adrienne Wilkinson, Michael Dudikoff

84. Like: The Miseducation of Lil Tito

95 min | Comedy | Post-production

"Like" follows the meteoric rise and painful demise of Benito Cruz as he evolves from outrageous social media click bait king to the extremely controversial and chart-topping hip-hop troll, Lil Tito.

Director: Geo Santini | Stars: Rene Rosado, Lisa Roumain, Tiffany Daniels, Jessica Meza

85. Two Yellow Lines

Drama | Post-production

A former Smokejumper has to face his scorched past when called to ride his motorcycle a thousand miles across Montana with his estranged teenage daughter.

Director: Derek Bauer | Stars: Zac Titus, Bre Blair, Jake Olson, Grant Show

86. All Earthly Constraints

90 min | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi | Completed

Struggling screenwriter Emily, who works in a gelato shop, writes a screenplay about struggling screenwriter Emma, who works in a coffee shop, and is secretly a superheroine named Emmageddon.

Director: Ryan M. Moore | Stars: Bre Mueck, Matthew Luret, Daniel Robaire, Karl Hamann

87. Roofers (TV Movie)

Comedy | Post-production

Follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of Manny and his offbeat, eccentric friends.

Director: David Castañeda | Stars: Rene Rosado, David Castañeda, Julian Works, Ricky Saenz

88. 4 Kings

Drama | Post-production

"Four Kings" is half hour scripted show about four best friends who live in the penthouse of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Three of them are world class poker players and the fourth is a ... See full summary »

Director: Mars Callahan | Stars: Nick Mao, Kevin Pollak, Glenn Plummer, Olek Krupa

89. Skylin3s

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Post-production

When a virus threatens to turn the now earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Captain Rose Corley must lead a team of elite mercenaries on a mission to the alien world in order to save what's left of humanity.

Director: Liam O'Donnell | Stars: Rhona Mitra, Lindsey Morgan, Alexander Siddig, Daniel Bernhardt

90. Flip Turn

Drama | Post-production

An autistic high school boy emulates the swim style of his Olympic gold medalist grandfather to become a swimming champion himself.

Director: Alin Bijan | Stars: Sheree J. Wilson, Donny Boaz, Major Dodge, Evan Brinkman

91. Walk Away (II)

95 min | Crime, Drama | Post-production

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Director: Alvin G. Morris | Stars: Donny Boaz, Patrick Sane, Erin Elizabeth Reed, Jae McCain

92. One Heart

Drama, Sport | Post-production

A football team, made up of juvenile offenders, and a small town football coach who made a decision that would change the lives of the players on the field that night. Based on a true story.

Stars: Abigail Spencer, Matthew Lillard, G.W. Bailey, Robyn Lively

93. Tape

98 min | Drama, Thriller | Post-production

Based on true events and set in New York City, TAPE is the story of an aspiring actress (Isabelle Fuhrman) who crosses paths with the darker side of the entertainment industry.

Director: Deborah Kampmeier | Stars: Isabelle Fuhrman, Isabella Pisacane, Tarek Bishara, Eve Austin

94. The Bay of Silence

Thriller | Post-production

Will believes his wife Rosalind is innocent of their son's suspected murder, only to discover the devastating truth behind her past links her to another unsolved crime.

Director: Paula van der Oest | Stars: Claes Bang, Olga Kurylenko, Brian Cox, Assaad Bouab

95. Time in Between

Drama | Post-production

Based on a true story, this drama chronicles the life of Sergio Marquez (Julien Cesario) raised in a broken home and surrounded by the violence of East L.A.. As he struggles to make his way... See full summary »

Director: David Palomares | Stars: Andrea Londo, Emilio Rivera, Sal Lopez, Betsy Landin

96. One Nation Under God

Drama | Post-production

A student boldly stands up for God when a Presidential candidate visits his school. The exchange goes viral challenging both to step out in faith and be the men that God has called them to be.

Director: Lisa Arnold | Stars: Isaak Presley, Kevin Sorbo, Antonio Sabato Jr., Casper Van Dien

98. Invincible

Action | Post-production

Colonel John Taylor enlists billionaire inventor Leor Teska to fund a secret black site, testing Teska's new nano technology for military applications, developed by scientists. When one of ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Zirilli | Stars: Michael Paré, Sally Kirkland, Johnny Strong, Vladimir Kulich

99. Two Cents From a Pariah

Drama | Post-production

A life coach to the rich and famous is forced to face his troubled past when he's exposed as a fraud. He embarks on a long journey of redemption, beginning with the search to find his long lost daughter.

Director: Chris Carson Emmons | Stars: Cortney Palm, Mark Grossman, Stefanie Bloom, Charlie Berens

100. Purple (V)

Drama | Post-production

Voices. Crazy people. A drug dealer. A horse head. All in one night.

Director: Anthony Leone | Stars: Brian Patrick Butler, George Jac, Amy Cay, Jayce Venditti

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