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1. Anyone Can Quantum (2016)

12 min | Short, Comedy

Paul Rudd faces off against Stephen Hawking in a highly advanced game of Quantum Chess.

Director: Alex Winter | Stars: Paul Rudd, Keanu Reeves, Stephen Hawking, Alex Winter

Votes: 405

2. Quantum Is Calling (2016 TV Movie)

11 min | Comedy

Zoe Saldana enlists the help of Stephen Hawking to solve a quantum riddle in order to get Simon Pegg's cat back. This follows Paul Rudd's epic quantum chess match with Stephen Hawking.

Director: Alex Winter | Stars: Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Keanu Reeves, John Cho

Votes: 221

3. The Dog with the Woman (2017)

Short, Comedy, Drama

A family drama telling the story of Alice Wilson and her stepdaughter Katherine, through the cynical eyes of her pet dog Charlie.

Directors: Phoebe Arnstein, Stephen Ledger-Lomas | Stars: Martin Freeman, Amanda Burton, Brid Arnstein

Votes: 15

4. Midnight of My Life (2015)

R | 8 min | Short, Biography, Drama

Steve Marriott is one of the British music scene's greatest vocalists. Midnight Of My Life is a poignant study of talent, aging and what success means.

Director: Phil Davis | Stars: Martin Freeman, Elliot Brown, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Jack Baggs

Votes: 28

5. So You Want to Be a Pirate! (2012 Video)

18 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

With the help of his trusted dodo Polly, the Pirate Captain presents fun-loving and hilarious tips and advice on pirating. Learn how to remember where you buried your treasure, the secrets ... See full summary »

Director: Jay Grace | Stars: Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Brian Blessed

Votes: 313

6. The Voorman Problem (2011)

TV-PG | 13 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Doctor Williams is the latest psychiatrist to deal with a smug patient called Voorman who claims to be God himself. Although skeptical, Williams soon gets an eerie feeling that openly malicious Voorman is not simply insane.

Director: Mark Gill | Stars: Martin Freeman, Simon Griffiths, Tom Hollander, Elisabeth Gray

Votes: 1,029

7. The Girl Is Mime (2010)

7 min | Short, Comedy

Did the mime commit the crime? Clive Buckle is being questioned about the murder of his wife. Interrogation brings back a slew of memories, some good, some bad...some sexy. The police are ... See full summary »

Director: Tim Bunn | Stars: Martin Freeman, Jennifer Short, Daniel Caren

Votes: 422

8. HIV: The Musical (2009)

11 min | Short, Comedy

James wrote a play. Myles made it gay.

Directors: Joseph Patrick, Tim Woodall | Stars: Martin Freeman, Julian Barratt, Seb Cardinal, Dustin Demri-Burns

Votes: 170

9. Lonely Hearts (2007)

14 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A year after his wife leaves him; Jeff seeks solace in meeting women through lonely hearts dating. His attempts are emotionally unsuccessful and Jeff can't seem to move on. His denial ... See full summary »

Director: James Keaton | Stars: Martin Freeman, Lucia Giannecchini, Ralph Haddon, Jemma Hines

Votes: 33

10. Blake's Junction 7 (2005)

15 min | Comedy, Short

Cult '80s sci-fi gang "Blake's 7" make an eventful late night stop at Newport Pagnell Services on the M1.

Director: Ben Gregor | Stars: Mark Heap, Martin Freeman, Johnny Vegas, Mackenzie Crook

Votes: 119

11. Round About Five (2005)

TV-G | 7 min | Comedy, Short

Desperate to get across London to meet his girlfriend off the Eurostar, a man persuades a pretty bicycle courier to take him on the back of her bike, creating a dilemma he wasn't expecting.

Directors: Charles Guard, Thomas Guard | Stars: Martin Freeman, Lena Headey, Jodhi May

Votes: 177

12. Call Register (2004)

PG | 13 min | Short, Drama

A guy borrows his best friend's mobile phone in order to call a girl he recently met, but the phone recognizes the number being dialed, leading to a number of awkward and funny complications.

Director: Ed Roe | Stars: Martin Freeman, James Lance, Neve McIntosh

Votes: 107

14. I Just Want to Kiss You (1998)

11 min | Short

Love and friendship in the afternoon.

Director: Jamie Thraves | Stars: Martin Freeman, Harry Peacock, Lexi Strauss, Lee Blakemore

Votes: 130

15. Van Helsing: The London Assignment (2004 Video)

Not Rated | 30 min | Animation, Short, Action

In this animated prequel to Van Helsing (2004), Van Helsing travels to Victorian London to catch the mysterious, inhuman serial killer, Mr. Hyde.

Director: Sharon Bridgeman | Stars: Hugh Jackman, Robbie Coltrane, David Wenham, Grey Griffin

Votes: 2,827

16. The History of Jones County (2016 Video)

18 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

The vocalization of Jones County's history and interviews with residents and descended family members remembrances of Newton Knight and the formation of the Knight Company.

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Joseph Hosey, Kensley Keys, Jim Kelly

Votes: 207

17. The Audition (III) (2015)

Not Rated | 16 min | Short, Comedy

Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio must compete for the lead role in Martin Scorsese's next film.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Martin Scorsese

Votes: 2,530

18. Touch of Evil (2011)

12 min | Short

Some of 2011's stand-out film actors appear in "a video gallery of cinematic villainy" for New York Times Magazine.

Director: Alex Prager | Stars: Jessica Chastain, George Clooney, Glenn Close, Viola Davis

Votes: 626

19. Despair (I) (2010)

4 min | Short, Drama, Thriller

After a phone call ends in despair, a young woman faces a fatal decision.

Director: Alex Prager | Stars: Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Fox

Votes: 230

20. Beyond All Boundaries (2009)

30 min | Short, War

A visual, 4-D experience of the battles of World War II featuring stories, archival footage and advanced special effects.

Director: David Briggs | Stars: Kevin Bacon, Corbin Bleu, Patricia Clarkson, Kevin Connolly

Votes: 458

21. Blackadder Back & Forth (1999)

33 min | Short, Comedy, History

At a New Millennium Eve party, Blackadder and Baldrick test their new time machine and ping pong through history encountering famous characters and changing events rather alarmingly.

Director: Paul Weiland | Stars: Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie

Votes: 13,597

22. Contact (1992)

30 min | Short

An American soldier and an Arab soldier confront each other during wartime in the desert, each hoping to kill the other. But in order to survive, they must lay down their arms and cooperate.

Director: Jonathan Darby | Stars: Brad Bovee, Elias Koteas, Ken Lesco, Brad Pitt

Votes: 676

23. Marilyn Manson: Say10 (2017 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Music video by Marilyn Manson feat. Johnny Depp

Director: Bill Yukich | Stars: Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, Kristin VanOvan

Votes: 285

24. The Black Ghiandola (2017)

17 min | Short, Horror

The Black Ghiandola is a story about a young man risking his life to save a young girl he has grown to love, after his family has been killed in the Apocalyptic world of Zombies.

Directors: Catherine Hardwicke, Theodore Melfi, Sam Raimi | Stars: Johnny Depp, Laura Dern, David Lynch, J.K. Simmons

Votes: 242

25. Paul McCartney: My Valentine (2012 Video)

3 min | Short, Music

Paul McCartney's song, "My Valentine", is translated into sign language by Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp.

Director: Paul McCartney | Stars: Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman

Votes: 1,079

26. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: You Gotta Believe (1992 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch performs in the music video "You Gotta Believe" from the album "You Gotta Believe" recorded for Interscope Records and Atlantic Records. Marky Mark sings, ... See full summary »

Director: Scott Kalvert | Stars: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Mark Wahlberg

Votes: 14

28. Chris Stapleton: Fire Away (2016 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

The video shows a relationship between a man and his wife, and how change of her moods makes her take her own life.

Director: Tim Mattia | Stars: Timothy Carr, Ben Foster, Margarita Levieva, Dean Shortland

Votes: 80

29. The Dark of Night (2017)

10 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

The night turns deadly when a woman seeking refuge from a storm takes matters into her own hands when she encounters a drifter and a waitress at an isolated diner where everyone has a secret and nothing is what it seems.

Director: Robin Wright | Stars: Leslie Bibb, Michael Godere, Nini Le Huynh, Keith Jackson

Votes: 27

30. Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King (2014 Video)

Not Rated | 14 min | Short, Action, Sci-Fi

A documentary filmmaker interviews the now-famous Trevor Slattery from behind bars.

Director: Drew Pearce | Stars: Ben Kingsley, Scoot McNairy, Lester Speight, Sam Rockwell

Votes: 7,509

31. Robin's Big Date (2005)

7 min | Short, Comedy

Robin tries to go on a date without The Bat-Man tagging along and ruining the evening... it doesn't work...

Director: James Duffy | Stars: Sam Rockwell, Justin Long, Callie Thorne, Josh Hamilton

Votes: 437

32. Running Time (2002)

7 min | Short

Two cool guys, with a love of Twinkie's, find themselves in a life and death game of who can eat the most cream-filled cakes. To survive, they are forced to wear cop glasses, and continually smoke cigarettes, to stay alive.

Director: Warren Biro | Stars: Sam Rockwell, Yul Vazquez

Votes: 32

33. Pitbull: Back in Time (2012 Video)

3 min | Short, Music, Sci-Fi

Official music video for "Back in Time" by Pitbull.

Director: David Rousseau | Stars: Pitbull, Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith

Votes: 148

34. Will Smith Feat. Jada Pinkett Smith: 1000 Kisses (2002 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Official music video for "1000 Kisses" by Will Smith featuring Jada Pinkett Smith.

Director: Antti Jokinen | Stars: Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith

Votes: 9

35. Men in Black Alien Attack (2000 Video)

4 min | Short, Action, Sci-Fi

The Men in Black have relocated - to Universal Studios Florida. MIB Special Services has created an edutainment-type attraction called The Universe and You, out of which Intergalactic Alien... See full summary »

Directors: David C. Cobb, Lyonal Coleman, Linda Hassani | Stars: Will Smith, Rip Torn, Gregg Berger

Votes: 3,564

36. Red (II) (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama

A mother embodies a female redback spider, which eats its mate after sex.

Director: Del Kathryn Barton | Stars: Cate Blanchett, Arella Plater, Alex Russell, Charmene Yap

Votes: 75

37. Making a Scene (2013)

10 min | Short, Fantasy

Performers read a line of dialogue, with each line being written by a different person.

Director: Janusz Kaminski | Stars: Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Adèle Exarchopoulos

Votes: 182

38. A Cautionary Tail (2012)

15 min | Animation, Short, Drama

A little girl is born with a tail that expresses her emotions. As a child, her parents celebrate their daughter's uniqueness and her tail inspires magical make-believe adventures with her ... See full summary »

Director: Simon Rippingale | Stars: Cate Blanchett, David Wenham, Barry Otto

Votes: 28

40. Bangers (1999)

9 min | Short

Julie-Anne cooks dinner for her mom in a most interesting manner while having an enlightened conversation with Mr. Funny Bones.

Director: Andrew Upton | Stars: Cate Blanchett, Lynette Curran

Votes: 130

42. The Nice Guys: Word of the Day (2017)

116 min | Short

A series of thirteen Instagram shorts, based on Healy's 'word of the day' calendar, in which we are given a word and its definition and then treated to a short clip from The Nice Guys (2016) that relates in some way.

Director: Josh Oreck | Stars: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling

Votes: 5,714

43. Drunk History Christmas (2011)

6 min | Short, Comedy

The poem The Night Before Christmas recited by a drunken Allan McLeod; enacted by some friends.

Directors: Derek Waters, Jeremy Konner | Stars: Allan McLeod, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Jim Carrey

Votes: 952

44. Team Darryl (2018)

Not Rated | 6 min | Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Fresh off being unseated as the ruler of Sakaar, the Grandmaster makes his way to Earth to start a new life. It's been over a year since Thor left Australia and Darryl has been struggling ... See full summary »

Director: Taika Waititi | Stars: Jeff Goldblum, Daley Pearson, Zach Campa

Votes: 1,184

45. Sigur Rós: Fjögur píanó (2012 Video)

10 min | Short, Drama, Music

A beautiful journey through the aspects of love, showing a balance between pain and satisfaction.

Director: Alma Har'el | Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Denna Thomsen, Ryan Heffington, Austin Westbay

Votes: 744

46. Maniac (I) (2011)

Not Rated | 10 min | Short, Horror, Thriller