Copy: What is The Best Starfleet Crew If The IMDB Users Could Pick The Crews For Star Trek?

by dgranger | created - 31 Jul 2017 | updated - 31 Jul 2017 | Public

Starfleet has a new unnamed Starship really to be launched but doesn't have a crew for it yet.The following are crews and ship names selected for it by IMDb users with one major catch - they can't use any characters or ship names already used on the Star Trek shows or movies. Which is the best IMDb member suggested crew?

For information about suggesting your own crew, read on or go to this page.

The rules are : 1) Since Star Trek has named their starships after real navel ships, and people, you can ether make-up your own ship name or use the name of a ship from any source except the ones already used on Star Trek. 2) Fill as many of these positions as possible: Captian, First Officer, Doctor, Chief Engineer, Communications Officer, Science Officer, Helmsman (or pilot), chief Navigator, Chief Tactical Officer, Head of Security, (in case the replicators fail) Head Chef in the Galley and Chief Supply Officer ("Scrounger" or "Dog Robber" or "Gofer"). Note that "Scrounger" or "Dog Robber" or "Gofer" is in reference to a supply officer that may have resort to wheeling and dealing or bartering or out right stealing out side of normal proper supply proceedures in order to get the proper supplies his crew needs. 3) The positions cannot by filled by characters already used by Star Trek. However you can you can actors who, were on Star Trek, but still played non Star Trek characters on other shows. 4) When filling a position, please mention the show they were on so that readers can look up the show. Not all characters have their own IMDb pages but all shows and movies do. Please provide the links too. 5) Since Star Trek had officers having double duties ( Spock was both Science office and first mate, and Data was Science Officer and Helmsmen), you can combine any of positions by using a "/" between the two in the suggestion. 6) one suggestion per day. 7) This wasn't meant to be totally serious all the time. So have funny and make a silly suggestion as well as a serious one. The first two by me (I'll have no more than two) shall serve as examples of the two. 8) You can use any non-Star Trek character even if another user used him too. 9) This an image list, so pick an image you want to used for your crew suggestion. The short version list page is at [link][/link]

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