Yu-Gi-Oh! Through the Years

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Action, Animation, Fantasy

I averaged the ratings: 6.7 stars out of 973 votes

Total gross of the feature films: At most $21.78M

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1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Invitation to Duelist Kingdom (2001 Video)

Not Rated | 9 min | Animation, Short, Action

A VHS preview of the American Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.

Stars: Gregory Abbey, Darren Dunstan, Dan Green, Megan Hollingshead

Animation | Short | Action | Fantasy

Not Rated

Animation | Short | Family

3. Yu-Gi-Oh! (1998)

30 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Yugi Mutou is a shy young boy who has finally completed his grandfather's Thousand-Year puzzle. Little does he realize that this puzzle unleashes an alter ego who challenges anyone who hurts Yugi to a game. The losers often pay dearly.

Stars: Yumi Kakazu, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Megumi Ogata, Ryôtarô Okiayu

Votes: 1,387

Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy

4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (1998 Video Game)


A Yu-Gi-Oh game for the Game Boy.


5. Yu-Gi-Oh! (1999)

31 min | Animation, Short, Action

A shy duelist stumbles upon the legendary Red Eyes Black Dragon, with that card in his possession, he must learn to bring out his confidence to duel.

Director: Junji Shimizu | Stars: Yumi Kakazu, Hisako Kyôda, Konomi Maeda, Hikaru Midorikawa

Votes: 937

Animation | Short | Action | Comedy | Fantasy

6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (1999 Video Game)

E | Action

Play the Yu Gi Oh card game in this challenging video game from Konami.

Votes: 55


7. Yu-Gi-Oh! (I) (2000–2006)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Yugi Moto solves an Ancient Egyptian Puzzle and brings forth a dark and powerful alter ego. Whenever he and his friends are threatened by evil in Duel Monster Card Game, this alter ego breaks out to save them.

Stars: Dan Green, Wayne Grayson, Eric Stuart, Amy Birnbaum

Votes: 16,840

Animation | Action | Adventure | Family | Fantasy

8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (II) (2000–2004)

TV-PG | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A young boy named Yugi Muto defeats the world Champion, Seto Kaiba, in a duel with the help of the mysterious Millenium puzzle,the support of the friends and the heart of the cards. Yugi ... See full summary »

Stars: Dan Green, Amy Birnbaum, Wayne Grayson, Eric Stuart

Votes: 2,017

Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Thriller

9. Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (2000 Video Game)

E | Action

A Yu-Gi-Oh game for the Game Boy Color.

Votes: 9



15. Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie - Pyramid of Light (2004)

PG | 90 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

15 Metascore

Underneath the sands of Egypt, Anubis, an ancient evil spirit, has awakened. It's up to Yugi, who defeated Anubis centuries ago, to use his skill and determination to rid the world of evil once again.

Director: Hatsuki Tsuji | Stars: Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Amy Birnbaum, Gregory Abbey

Votes: 7,605 | Gross: $19.76M

Animation | Action | Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Thriller

PG for scary combat and monster images

16. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (2004–2008)

TV-PG | 30 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A semi-spinoff of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh anime series, focusing on a boy named Jaden and his misadventures as a student at an esteemed Duel Monsters academy.

Stars: Matthew Labyorteaux, Wayne Grayson, Tony Salerno, Kanako Irie

Votes: 3,412

Animation | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Thriller

17. Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dawn of Destiny (2004 Video Game)

E | Action

Battle monsters on the Xbox.

Votes: 16


18. Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum (2004 Video Game)

E | Fantasy

A video game based on Yu-Gi-Oh. Capsule Monsters.

Stars: Dan Green, Wayne Grayson, Gregory Abbey, Amy Birnbaum

Votes: 68


19. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series (2006– )

Animation, Comedy

Imagine Yu-Gi-Oh!, condensed into about 5 minutes. That's what this is.

Stars: Martin Billany, Curtis Arnott, Chris Niosi, Anthony Sardinha

Votes: 1,479

Animation | Comedy

20. Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters (2006)

TV-Y7 | 25 min | Animation, Action, Fantasy

Yugi and his friends get pulled into another dimension where they learn to play Capsule Monsters.

Stars: Wayne Grayson, Gregory Abbey, Amy Birnbaum, Madeleine Blaustein

Votes: 206

Animation | Action | Fantasy


21. Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Movie (2007 TV Movie)

31 min | Animation, Comedy

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Director: Martin Billany | Star: Martin Billany

Votes: 184

Animation | Comedy

22. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny (2007 Video Game)

E | Action

A video game for the PlayStation 2 based on the series Yu-Gi-OH. GX.

Votes: 18


24. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (2008–2011)

TV-14 | Animation, Action, Adventure

Many years in the future after the exploits of Yugi Mutou, Domino City has become a shadow of its former self: Neo Domino City. There lies a strong divide between the rich and the poor, and... See full summary »

Stars: Gregory Abbey, Ted Lewis, Marc Diraison, Jason Griffith

Votes: 1,141

Animation | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

25. Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Other Abridged Movie (2008 TV Movie)

11 min | Animation

Gary's an adolescent boy who doesn't enjoy playing card games. He exists in a world populated by spikey-haired teenagers addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh. As you can imagine, life for Gary is very difficult.

Director: Martin Billany | Stars: Abigail Billany, Martin Billany

Votes: 77


26. Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time (2010)

TV-Y7 | 49 min | Animation, Action, Fantasy

After falling through a time-slip, Yusei Fudo (who has just had his powerful card stolen by a mysterious stranger) meets with Judai Yuki and Yugi Muto, who agree to help Yusei defeat the ... See full summary »

Director: Ken'ichi Takeshita | Stars: Gregory Abbey, Matthew Labyorteaux, Dan Green, Sean Schemmel

Votes: 1,285

Animation | Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Not Rated

27. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: Season Zero (2010– )


The makers of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series give their take on "Season Zero".

Stars: Martin Billany, Tom Livesey, Chris Niosi, Jeremy Baker

Votes: 124


28. Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (2011–2014)

TV-Y7 | Animation, Action, Comedy

The story takes place in the near future in a city called Heartland. The story focuses on Yuma Tsukumo, a young duelist who strives to become the Duel Monsters champion, despite being an ... See full summary »

Stars: Johnny Yong Bosch, Marc Thompson, Sean Schemmel, Eileen Stevens

Votes: 665

Animation | Action | Comedy | Fantasy | Sci-Fi


29. Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time Abridged (2011 TV Movie)

49 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Yugi, Jaden and Yusei must travel through time and team up to save a children's card game.

Director: Martin Billany | Stars: Carson Laidlaw, Blake Swift, Martin Billany, Chris Niosi

Votes: 306

Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy

Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy

31. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (2014–2018)

TV-Y7 | 20 min | Animation, Adventure, Fantasy

Thanks to the Leo Corporation, headed by Reiji Akaba, new advancements to Solid Vision, the holographic system that gives life to the Duel Monsters card game, give physical mass to monsters... See full summary »

Stars: Mike Liscio, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Daniel J. Edwards, Matt Shipman

Votes: 456

Animation | Adventure | Fantasy

33. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist (2015 Video Game)

E10+ | Adventure, Mystery

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Votes: 37

Adventure | Mystery

34. Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions (2016)

PG | 130 min | Animation, Adventure, Drama

Yugi and Kaiba have a special duel that transcends dimensions.

Director: Satoshi Kuwabara | Stars: Shunsuke Kazama, Kenjirô Tsuda, Gregory Abbey, Luis Alfonso

Votes: 2,242 | Gross: $1.02M

Animation | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy

PG for sequences of fantasy action, and brief suggestive material

Action | Adventure

37. Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains (2017– )

TV-PG | 24 min | Animation, Fantasy

The theme for the new work is "Let's take one step forward and try it!" Yuusaku hates standing out, and at his school he doesn't. However, Yuusaku starts meeting others through duels, and starts moving forward.

Stars: Jake Paque, Mike Liscio, Billy Bob Thompson, Barrett Leddy

Votes: 133

Animation | Fantasy

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