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Fast Paced Campy Horror!, 14 October 2017

After reading some of the reviewers trash this film, even though they didn't see it, I had to comment on this film. Also after reading glowing reviews for pretty awful films, IT and Blade Runner 2049, I needed to set the record straight. If you enjoyed Drag Me To Hell in a PG13 setting, you'll love Happy Death Day.

Tree is a sorority girl, high fashion, snobby, and no carbs. She wakes up in some guy's dorm room, much to her dismay, only to realize she's reliving the day of her birthday and murder over and over again. Laughs, a few good scares, plot twists, and even a single tear (Yes, the acting is that good and Tree shows real growth) make this a fun escape in the magical world of the movies. This movie doesn't have much gore and only has sexual innuendos, which give the PG13 rating.


It (2017/I)
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High Tech Trailer Trash, 14 October 2017

IT is about a group of 11 year old kids belonging to the Loser's Club who are bullied and team up to fight a demonic clown. The acting and location are good, but what isn't good follows.

I read the book and must've skipped a lot of it, which is usually the case when King spends countless pages reliving his youth and boring the reader to death. The movie follows the book, except for the kiddie porn scene at the end of the book and hairy spider. After a terrifying opening in the book, I threw the book across the room from the lame ending. The movie ending isn't much better, nor is the rest of the movie.

The movie isn't scary one bit. It contains trailer trash parents, incest, overtones of pedophilia, the kids use the EF word every other word, and the personification of King as the kid with glasses and stupendous package made me laugh out loud.

Bad language doesn't bother me, but these actors are kids and the potty humor grew old fast, and honestly watching 11 year olds talk about sex and be molested isn't entertainment.

WANT A REALLY GOOD HORROR FLICK? SEE HAPPY DEATH DAY. Campy horror with a few good scares, laughs, and even a single tear. Very well done, unlike IT.

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Disturbing film and unsuitable roles for minors, 24 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story is a mess and not very funny, but what surprised my husband and me were the 12-13 children in a film about a porn star and the parts they played. It was pretty sick. Why would any parent allow a child to be in a film about porn with nudity and sex and add to the sexuality of the film?

A female porn star supposedly dies and a prepubescent boy finds the naked woman. Later a young boy asks Crowe and Gosling if they'd like to see his big dick. It was creepy.

Gosling's 13 yr old daughter in the film goes to a party where naked women dance and swim in an aquarium and where the daughter is caught watching a porn film. The dad Gosling doesn't even care.

I'm not a prude, but this suggests child promiscuity. What is wrong with Hollywood to put out such a twisted perverted film.