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A funny, unpretentious, and surprisingly deep indie gem
WondrousMoose2 April 2017
I went into this one expecting your standard, quirky indie romance: two misfits meet each other - "Why can't the world accept us?" - "I guess we'll just stay weird." - credits roll under a song by a band you've never heard of. Instead, what I got was a creative, surreal look at a relationship between two people not looking for love but finding it despite themselves.

The Relationtrip is an independent romantic comedy that covers years' worth of relationship problems over the course of four days. What makes the film special is the way that it handles its characters and their respective problems. I don't want to give anything away, but the movie is filled with symbolic and metaphorical scenes and not in a pretentious way. Rather than the "ask me what it means!" imagery of a lot of indie content, The Relationtrip portrays visually what could clearly be said verbally, and it succeeds fantastically. Our main characters' deepest issues are laid out for us and for each other to see in a wonderfully creative way.

This one really is unique. I had the opportunity to watch it at a film festival and recommend it to anyone who is able to see it.
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Find a way to see this!
jason forman28 June 2017
I got the opportunity to watch a screening of this film last night. It was quite the enjoyable and entertaining trip. Auteur, surreal and completely relatable.

The acting was great, a wide range... sweet and funny. I also particularly liked the music.

Wish there were more films like this. Do what you can to see this!

Kudos to the filmmakers. Looking forward to what's next.
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Whatever you're expecting...
OmalleyUnltd12 November 2017
The Relationtrip is a bit of magic. It is a Matryoshka doll of a movie that manages to root itself with every surprise. AND THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF SURPRISES. It sets itself up in its opening moments as a kind of "no longer children/not yet adults" romantic comedy, (a kind of cinematic ASMR) filled with an endless stream of adorable banter between two people we would all love to be friends with. I was fairly certain I had it figured out, just long enough to leave me completely disarmed.

STICK WITH IT! When the fireworks started popping off, all of my fears, hopes and dreams of a relationship showed up on screen in imaginative leaps and bounds. I hesitate to detail any of them as I count myself incredibly lucky to have been surprised and won over.

It's a difficult movie to describe. There's very little like it. But in the end, it's very, very funny, and true...and funny.
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