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Bobbi’s failures, goodbyes, successes and reconciliations are beguiling, often heartbreaking to witness, but ultimately, it’s the artist’s thrilling dedication to her craft that offers the most sublime state of grace.
A treatise on art, ambition, long-distance relationships and the struggles to find one’s own voice, the film unfolds with uncommon grace.
Village Voice
Bobbi Jene gives you a taste of how a choreographer works, but mainly registers how she feels. The mostly-female production team stays rigorously focused on her effort to have it all, and on the price she pays.
For a film with such a narrow scope, this one oddly refuses to ask some of the basic questions that might have enriched our understanding.
Enigmatic to an extreme, the documentary Bobbi Jene may interest viewers who are well versed in contemporary dance. All others are on their own.
There may be an intriguing, perhaps even profound story behind Smith’s growth as a singular artist and woman, but director Elvira Lind keeps too much on the surface, making it hard to invest in Smith’s often esoteric, self-centered journey
Elvira Lind's film is closer to an advertisement for Bobbi Jene Smith than a film about the contemporary dancer.
It doesn't know what it wants to be, or what story it wants to tell.

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