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What a bloody waste of time
jitzraj4 October 2017
I could't stop myself from writing this. I have watched this movie with great expectations with the likes of Cobie Smulders and Justin Long and I hate to say that I'm truly disappointed. What a waste of talent.

The entire plot is just a big hot balloon which filled with nothing. And it explodes in the end and nothing comes out, disappointed.
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Literally, a Cuck Movie
ellencontributor30 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is literally a movie about a man named Adam being cuckold by another man named Aaron who is marrying Adam's ex-girlfriend Allison.

The movie stars with Adam getting the news that he is invited to Allison's wedding. Adam then takes his current girlfriend to a fancy restaurant where he proposes marriage in what seems like a romantic gesture. But immediately after proposing, he changes his mind and says that he can't wake up next to that face day after day for the rest of his life. And he breaks it off making an ass of himself.

After that we find out that Adam and his ex were together for 8 years before she met Aaron. Then after just one year, Allison is marrying Aaron and she has invited Adam to her wedding so that they can remain friends post-breakup. Adam goes to the wedding but the whole time Adam is freaking out. His best friend has to video chat with him constantly to give him advice and help him with his morale.

Finally after the train wreck that is Adam watching the love of his life marry someone else and the rejection that follows when he tries to get her back, Adam causes a scene. Adam is then chased away by an irate Aaron, and Adam boards a bus and waves goodbye to Allison. After that we are left with scenes of Adam hiking and motor boating ostensibly by himself.
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Shitty grown up who can't move on and sob like baby
artaddicted0430 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I would say this is a real disaster movie, just to save you from wasting your previous 1.5h, the essence of movie is a grown up man who can't move on from his ex and being a dipshit jeoparding the very special day of his ex special day, and sobbing like baby wondering if he can ever be back with her, seriously!
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It's painful to watch this Beta-Cuck of a man fail at life.
j g29 September 2017
All of the attempted comedy in this movie falls flat on its face. These people are supposed to be adults, but they all act like grade- schoolers. The dialog is so forced that it seems like a rehearsal at a school play. The main character lets other men slap him in the face, sit on him, and bully him. His mom is an overbearing idiot, and a weakling, so I guess that makes sense. The main character is not a "hopeless romantic", he is a bald-faced liar, especially to himself. He learns nothing from his failures, and will repeatedly fail for the rest of his pathetic life. The end.
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screechy_jim30 September 2017
I'll make this swift and to the point.

This film really has no redeeming factors. Worse! It made me squirm restlessly in my seat as our protagonist "Adam" as lame an excuse for a man as you will ever meet, still pining pitifully (Seriously, like a sick old dog) for his ex, goes through as series of uncomfortable situations as he actually goes back to his home town to attend her wedding. There are no words to describe how unpleasant this experience was for me and even my GF who sat beside me in nearly as much discomfort found it difficult going; even remarking at one point how it is possible for a castrated man to have a girlfriend in the first place.

Not once did I laugh, obviously because it wasn't funny and the moments that were scripted to be humorous were just pathetic, but also because the underlying plot for this film is no laughing matter. I'm not saying such a plot should never be tackled, I'm sure there are outfits that could have done a good job with this material and made a side splitting production, but it is dealt with very poorly here indeed. I would no more laugh at this than I would a disabled person having difficulty navigating steep stairs. If any of my friends were in this position and behaving in this manner I would seriously suggest they seek professional help. That I made it to the end is a testament to my persistence.

There is no level on which I found this entertaining and I suggest you give it a miss. In the off chance you do decide to see how bad it is, you will only need to see the first fifteen minutes, that will give you a very clear idea of what your in for, it only goes downhill from there.

Total rubbish
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Not bad but it needed a bit more of a twist to it..
aslanyagcilar30 September 2017
In short the movie is about 2 couple who have been in a long relationship in the past who are trying to move on, Allison (Cobie) invites his ex-boyfriend Adam (Justin) to attend her wedding with her new boyfriend (or future husband), things down the line start getting weird as Adam starts to remember the past and the relationship he had with Allison, and by the end of the movie he tries his best to get her back, but ends up screwing it all up for good.

*Note: In real life situation you wouldn't dare attend your ex-girls wedding nor would she even invite you, i think it could have been more sensible if it was centered around for example an engagement party of some kind, because that would be your very last chance to turn things around (if you can), not at an actual wedding where everything is already pre-prepared, so i think in that context the film could have taken a different approach, i was happy though on how well Allison (Cobie) and Adam (Justin) acted with their face impression, mimics and essence of the characters.
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Not bad. I enjoyed watching it.
spmact1 October 2017
I read the terrible reviews on here but then thought I'd watch it anyway just to form my own opinion. I'm glad I did.

Maybe this movie isn't for everyone. It certainly isn't a comedy, though I did laugh a couple times. It has more of an indie drama feel, with some charm thrown in. Something along the lines of (500) Days of Summer, but not quite as good. I think Justin and Cobie played their parts well, and I also liked John Cho as the cliché best bud telling the main character what he needs to hear.

I may have liked it more than most, perhaps because I've been there. I've had multiple girlfriends marry the next guy, and I've even attended one of the weddings, so it was nice to see that story played out on screen from through person's eyes. I could definitely empathize with the main character, but even if you've never experienced the same thing, I'm sure many people have had a similar experience of everything going wrong for them in the relationship department, or having feelings for someone and trying not to show it.

In the end I don't think it was an unforgettable movie, but I don't regret watching it at all. It was also cool to see the ending parallel another very famous movie ending but in a different way, and the video playing over the end credits brought a nice conclusion to the story.
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Very entertaining and well written.
smithdanielle-542112 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. You are instantly taken into the world of Adam, which is a world of confusion and discomfort mixed with irrational thinking and uncertainty as he finds out that the-one- who-got-away is getting married. It is very hard not to empathize with his character in this very awkward situation. This theme is carried throughout the film as every individual Adam comes in contact with likely expresses the same tone and feeling. Could something like this happen in real life? I'm sure. Does is happen on a daily basis? Positively not. Which is another reason why I enjoyed the film. It's unusual, but could happen. This Romantic Comedy had me laughing at the parts of the movie that deserved a good laugh. And had me feeling very sorry for poor Adam. All in all, 10/10 for me.
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Had potential, didn't realize it
srdjan_veljkovic3 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The casting is good, story is interesting, one of those things that many have experienced, either first or second hand, in some shape or form, yet few like to talk about. It has several funny moments.

But, it just doesn't work. Cobie Smulders does only the "good old days" segments well, but the new ones are not that good - sure, the idea was to show that present is different, but, while it was different, it was not well portrayed. Justin Long is doing OK, but, he's doing the same routine during the whole movie, by the end it gets old. While the story is interesting, the actual screenplay isn't that good and a lot of things just don't make much sense - which would be OK if it were a comedy. But, since this is not really a comedy, only a "dramedy" of sorts, it's way too nonsensical.

While many may object that we don't see our protagonist learn anything, that is not so bad. Sometimes people just don't learn. Or that he's a wimp - he's mainly a nice guy who's wimpy and there are such guys and that's not bad, really. But, it's things like him staying at a hotel while his mother has a nice house, yet he's not doing very well, job/money-wise. Or that his would-be-mother-in-law likes him more than her actual son-in-law-to-be, yet he doesn't try to (ab)use that to win his ex-girlfriend back (and tries just-about everything else).

So, bottom line, it's a misfire. But, if you would like to see a funny look at an interesting, but awkward situation, it's good-enough.
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Just So Bad.
lokis_mistress2 November 2017
I think I have written maybe two reviews in my life, and that's because movies were SO AMAZING that it needed to be said. In this case, it's just... so... not... worth... watching. There is no other way to say that whoever's fault this ridiculous waste is should be dragged across hot coals. I adore Justin, and I'm learning to like Cobie... DEFINITELY as a comedy duo they should have clicked and this had all the potential to be a great movie that was needed. Love the backdrop of San Fran and that lifestyle... really, I'm thinking chalk this up to supremely bad writing, directing and editing. Absolutely zero redeeming qualities here. I am surprised that halfway through filming Justin didn't stand up and walk off set in protest.
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