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If the movie finds its pathos and laughs around the edges, Literally, Right Before Aaron finds its easy if limited appeal outside the Hollywood mainstream, where “Home Again” is somebody’s idea of what a romantic comedy should be these days.
The problem here is Mr. Long’s Adam, a twitchy knot of tics and self-pity. He invites our sympathy — especially when contrasted with the smarmy Aaron — but doesn’t really deserve it.
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Characters make a lot of absurdly dumb decisions in this movie.
It’s hard to imagine Literally, Right Before Aaron existing without The Graduate as a template. Ryan Eggold’s lame-brained paint-by-numbers romantic comedy relies a little too heavy on functioning as homage to the Mike Nichols classic.
Village Voice
The film ends with a riff on the final moments of The Graduate, a frustrating suggestion of a much better work.
Los Angeles Times
The audience will likely spend most of the film squirming and grimacing in recognition at Aaron’s awfulness — especially when the film rewards him with an ending that is far kinder than the character deserves.
A trite little comedy so jumbled, disconnected and bad you can’t believe it doesn’t star James Franco. Instead, it fritters away the talents of the charming Justin Long, a seasoned and resourceful actor who deserves much better.
Agonizingly stupid and painfully illogical.
It’s painful to watch. Not because no one cares about Adam’s heartache. But because the movie is boring, trite, sexist tripe that wants to make the viewer empathize with a guy who’s actually pretty aggressive in his pursuit of loserdom.

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