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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, graphic nudity, violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains a sex scene where a woman exposes one of her breasts to a man. We then see the man thrusting into the woman, and his buttocks are exposed. The sexual position is clearly shown.
  • The film contains two scenes of a naked woman masturbating after she lowers herself in a bathtub.
  • The film contains scenes of female full frontal nudity, where the details of a woman's bare breasts and pubic region are clearly visible.
  • Although the film contains scenes of female nudity, no genitalia is seen due to the water obscuring any view and also a thick pubis, so topless only.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot on the cheek, leaving a bloody gash on the side of his face. Another man inserts his fingers into the wound of his cheek and drags him away.
  • A man is slashed across the throat by a monster, causing blood to pour through his fingers.
  • A man is shot in the head, causing blood to spurt from the side of his head.
  • A man is stabbed in the stomach, causing blood to pour from his abdomen.
  • Several scenes showing a fish monster being tortured and abused is present
  • A man tortures both a man and a fish monster with an electric prod.
  • A man is heard screaming, and later found collapsing while bloody. His severed fingers are found.
  • A man squeezes pus out of his decaying, re-attached fingers. The fingers eventually turn black, and he painfully rips his severed fingers off.
  • A man hits a man in the face with a piece of wood.
  • A cat is attacked and eaten by the monster, it's head clearly shown to be unattached to its body.


  • 12 F words are used, around 15 of Sh*t, 10 or less of milder profanities, and around 13 derogatory terms towards homosexuals, african-americans, Russians, Vietnamese, people with disabilities, those that are different, animals
  • There are some utterances of the expletives 'motherf**ker' and 'f**k', as well as the use of swear words such as 'shit', 'damn', 'hell', 'piss' and 'bastard'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Look under Violence and Gore


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A sex scene between the main character and a fish monster is also present in the film.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman and monster are shot.

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