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Expect the unexpected, and then expect the expected, and then the unexpected again
kevschwaller7 October 2017
I saw a pre-screening of Happy Death Day and let me tell you, it was one of the most fun theater experiences I've had. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, which is definitely for the best. If anyone walks into a movie about a sorority girl living the same day over and over and being killed over and over and expects it to be some genre-defying horror perfection, that's on them.

However, that doesn't mean this is a bad movie by any means. Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman and Israel Broussard as Carter Davis are fantastic as the two leads. They have excellent chemistry and make us root for them. Rothe's character wasn't the typical horror movie sorority girl, either. She was cunning and badass. She made us believe she could actually figure this mess out. If you don't change your mind on who the killer is at least twice throughout the film, you aren't paying attention.

There are curveballs thrown left and right, which made my theater gasp and yell numerous times. You think the movie is about to end on at least two different occasions. The script is smart, there's horror, there's comedy, there's drama. Happy Death Day takes you in numerous directions, while also making sure you have fun along the way. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite campy horror flicks out there. It even pokes fun at Groundhog Day, which it very clearly took some inspiration from. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys horror; again, it doesn't redefine the genre and there are definitely an abundance of clichés. With that, though, there are still a handful of clever moments I certainly was not expecting.
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I really enjoyed it
olivermahlmann4 January 2018
As a fan of Groundhog Day, Final Destination and Edge of Tomorrow, I was surprised how much I liked it. It was just well done and it worked on all levels. I watch a lot of movies and hate most of them, but this one worked for me.
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This movie knew exactly what it was
stevencvgarcia14 October 2017
I think people going to see this movie are expecting wayyyy to much from a slasher movie. I'm rating it based on what I expected, and I was certainly impressed. This movie wasn't trying to be anything more than another murder movie, but what made me want to see it was the idea of taking Groundhog Day (which it fully admitted to ripping the idea from) and turning it into a slasher film. I was actually surprised it held back on gore and blood. I was fully expecting it to be all the tropes of gross-out killings, but it was instead focused more on character development and the story. I admit the characters are a bit one-dimensional, but again, it's a slasher movie. It's trying to win any academy awards here. In many ways I think it's parodying those one-dimensional characters of college trope characters and the "last girl" in horror movies because it goes all-in on establishing the main characters as somebody you're meant to hate at first. The ending genuinely took me in a direction I didn't anticipate, and then it took me back to what I was expecting, but did it in a way that I felt fresh. All in all, I had fun watching this movie, which I think what this movie was meant to be: Fun.
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Surprisingly better than I expected!
Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg)23 October 2017
This type of movie has been done many times before and rarely succeeds, but this one was a hit for me!

Jessica Rothe's performance is what kept me interested... she nailed her character and was convincing and funny as well.

I don't want to give too much away, but the twists towards the end were a nice surprise and earned a few extra points from me.

It's classified as a Horror, Mystery, Thriller but it's also a comedy as I found myself laughing a bunch of times.

Certainly a must-see entertaining film produced and executed very well, much better than many other films in this genre.

It's a well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Fun horror/comedy. Perfect for Halloween
savagdog113 October 2017
When I saw the trailer for this movie I admit I rolled my eyes and groaned that they were trotting out the circular time gimmick again. It was of course classic in Groundhog Day, but never seemed to click since then. I was dubious, but after seeing it with my own eyes, I can say I had a great time. I'm not sure if Blum House intended it to be funny, but it had a lot of humor in it, enough I would say to qualify it as a dark comedy. The cast was superb and while it didn't offer anything groundbreaking in terms of murders/deaths, I didn't mind because the story was so well connected and it really had me guessing right up until the end. Another litmus test for the quality of this movie is that the audience was rather quiet during the presentation. I've been to enough of these films to know that when you get a young audience seated in the dark and the film is a snooze, they'll start to talk and whisper and just annoy the Hell out of you. This movie managed to hold the attention of the entire audience and in this day and age I must say, that is an achievement in and of itself. I wasn't prepared to enjoy Happy Death Day as much as I did, but even I can admit when I was wrong. It worked from start to finish. I wasn't aware that Scott Lobdell wrote the script, but when I saw his name in the credits, I realized another reason I enjoyed it. I am familiar with his writing in the comic book industry and he is one of the more notable scribes. It's good to see the skills transfer.
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Film contains many teen slasher tropes but transcends them with an inventive script & dark humour.
Páiric O'Corráin14 November 2017
Happy Death Day: A student keeps reliving the same day which ends with her being murdered by a masked killer. At the first re-iteration of the day she is puzzled, the next time she is shocked but by the third raw panic sets in. The day rests anew each time as she wakes in the dorm room of she has crashed in. Eventually she enlists his help in an attempt to identify her murderer. Many red herrings are caught.

While this film contains many of the teen slasher tropes it transcends them with an inventive script and wonderful dark humour. 8/10.
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'Groundhog Day' with a slasher/mystery twist
TheLittleSongbird2 November 2017
Saw 'Happy Death Day' as somebody who was fascinated by the concept, found the advertising interesting and good enough to warrant a view and who appreciates horror when done well. Seeing it just before Halloween as part of my Halloween celebrations, will admit to not being as bowled over by the film as would have liked but enjoying it a good deal.

As surprisingly interesting as the advertising was (and there has been some dreadful advertising this year, a notable recent example being the completely mis-marketed 'Geostorm'), it is also misleading. One would expect a truly frightening film judging from the trailers, but actually 'Happy Death Day' happened to be much more than what was indicated and wasn't what one would call terrifying or sleep-with-the-light-on-for-a-week. The good news is that 'Happy Death Day' actually makes the most of its concept, refreshing having seen films recently that had concepts that they didn't do anywhere near enough with. The not so good news is that as enjoyable as it was it did feel like something was missing.

It is easy to see why lots of people will like, and have liked 'Happy Death Day'. It is just as easy to see why it will be, and has been, a let-down for others. My opinion has shades of both, leaning towards the former. 'Happy Death Day' may be somewhat standard (while the concept is a pretty unique one, some of the story elements aren't), superficial (other than the lead character, the characters are developed very flimsily) and some parts don't make as much sense as they could and feel unfinished.

Was expecting more from the killer twist reveal, which is not as clever and surprising as one would like and the whole ending felt rather silly and rushed to me (the killer's motive also came over as really trivial for an elaborate set-up). A little slow to begin with too, it's once the concept kicks in when 'Happy Death Day' properly comes to life and maintains that energy for the rest of the film.

For all those faults though, 'Happy Death Day' is also refreshingly self-aware, almost very much aware of its standard-ness and superficiality and acknowledges it, and manages to be lots of fun, creepy-suspenseful and surprisingly thought-provoking. Gruesomely funny sums it up very well.

'Happy Death Day' is a long way from amateurish visually, the photography is stylish rather than slapdash, the editing has suitably unnerving moments and the lighting is atmospheric. Christopher Landon never lets it get too heavy while not diluting the fun or scares, and the at times haunting and at others times funky soundtrack adds a lot.

When it comes to the script, 'Happy Death Day' is full of knowing humour and never removes its tongue from its cheek, instead keeping it firmly intact throughout which proved to come off really well. It also really makes one think. The story execution is not perfect, but it's never dull and has some neat twists and turns that stops it from being predictable and repetitive.

Jessica Rothe should become a bigger star after her excellent lead turn here, she has been acting a few years before this but this is the first time where she really held my attention and allowed me to take proper notice of her. Israel Broussard is also very believable and the two have great chemistry together. The acting on the whole is solid but essentially it's all about Rothe and she is one of the main reasons why 'Happy Death Day' is worth a viewing.

Overall, a long way from perfect but quite enjoyable. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Carried by a Breakout Lead Performance, Happy Death Day Utilizes a Familiar Premise to Deliver Lots of Fun
CANpatbuck366414 October 2017
Every negative review for this movie is going to point out that this movie is built around a concept that we've seen before. Our protagonist is forced to live through the same day again and again. Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow (both excellent movies) made this idea popular and for some people, they won't be able to get past the fact that this isn't brand new gimmick. I don't have a problem if movies borrow from other movies, they just need to do it effectively and put a fresh spin on it. Happy Death Day certainly accomplishes that. At the beginning, the journey hits the first couple of familiar notes but when Tree starts to realize what's happening, that's when the movie shifts gears. They aren't afraid to play with Tree's tragic end day after day and the movie functions for whole periods as a straight comedy. Luckily, this movie is really funny when it wants to be. The writers know enough to play with certain genre clichés and there's a surprising amount of tongue-in-cheek humour here. The marketing for this is a little misleading, it makes this movie look like a traditional slasher movie when it really ends up being a mishmash of comedy, mystery and horror

Other than the living the same day plot point, Happy Death Day centres around the mystery of who Tree's killer is. The movie throws a bunch of obvious red herrings at you right off the bat and I was glad they took it a less obvious direction. I don't think they overplay their hand either, there are a couple of hints here and there but I think you'd have to be pretty perceptive to guess the twists and turns that Day's plot takes. If I had one complaint, there was a point where they looked like they were heading towards a very sentimental resolution that could have been corny. Its a case of me wanting that for these characters. They bypass that though and keep going and while I understand the decision, I might have preferred that wrap-up instead.

Another turnoff for certain audience members might be Tree's personality as a character. She's a real b!#@% when we first meet her and I'm not exaggerating. The first time she meets her killer, I wasn't feeling sorry for her. But even when she's at her worst, she still has a certain charisma that you want to keep rooting for her. Writing characters that aren't perfect and are selfish that you want to follow is an art that so many horror movies get wrong. I liked how Tree grows (no pun intended) and by the end I really wanted her to find a happy ending somehow.

I don't often get to really discover actors and actresses. Most of the movies I watch are pretty mainstream and by the time someone becomes a lead, you've probably heard about them from somewhere. I wasn't familiar with Jessica Rothe at all but she anchored this movie as Tree. This is a stand up and take notice kind of performance, she's multi-faceted in handling both the drama and the comedy in this movie. I hope this movie is just a stepping stone to bigger things for her and I think the last time I walked away from a movie so impressed with an actress I didn't know was Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street. Israel Broussard is easy to like as Carter, he's easy going enough that his character's relationship with Tree builds up organically. Rachel Matthews is funny as Danielle Bouseman, she's playing a very stereotypical character (stuck up sorority rich girl) but she nails it. Ruby Modine is sweet as Lori and Charles Aitken is appropriately slimy as Gregory Butler,

I couldn't believe how charmed I was by this movie. I didn't plan on going to see this, it was a very spur of the moment thing and walking out of the theatre I was blown away. Happy Death Day isn't the best movie I've seen this year but its the biggest movie-going surprise of the year for me. It features a great turn from an up and coming actress, a good mystery, some well placed meta humour and a willingness to play within its central conceit. The marketing for this movie doesn't show how creative and fun it is and I would urge you to give this a shot. We've come off the summer blockbusters and we're still too early for the awards contenders so if you're looking for something to check out, Happy Death Day is an extremely fun hour and a half at the movies. Also, make sure to show up on time, there's a gag pulled with the opening credits that hints at what's to come.
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Happy Death Day (2017)
rockman18216 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer for this film accompanied by 50 Cent's "In Da Club" looked incredibly dumb, but that didn't mean that the film wasn't going to be a stupid good time. These types of repetition of a certain day films are somewhat popular with recent incarnations being completely forgettable. Groundhog Day gets it right, and I was curious to see a college slasher drama try to take a different spin on the idea. The film is about Tree Gelbman, a typical short fused sorority girl who loves to party and get drunk and her trials against a day that keeps repeating. On her birthday she is murdered and the day keeps resetting until she can figure out who her killer is. The daily death takes a toll on her body and she gets physically weaker each time. its a tough task having to try to figure things out when everything around her resets and the killer and his/her motivations remain unknown. Jessica Rothe was just perfect for this role. She's an attractive lead who played the college girl role to a tee. Her character grows by the end of the film and you start to feel a better connection with her as she becomes a different human being when her constant death teaches her about her own life. Other than that, there aren't really many fleshed out or identifiable characters, which is fine. This is a cheap thriller and should be treated a such, doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. The repetition surprisingly doesn't overstay its welcome and keeps itself fun. This film is barely a horror because its so stupid and the film knows it. Its more of a comedy with killing than anything else. Which is perfectly fine. The killer reveal is kind of obvious despite the writers trying to twist you away from it. Overall, you won't have much of an impression from this picture but it makes for a good time in the cinema. 6.5/10
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Derivative half-comic slasher flick proves you can't go wrong when you steal from the best
moonspinner5523 October 2017
Jessica Rothe is amusingly pithy and savvy playing a selfish college beauty, a spoiled sorority sister who rules the school until she is stabbed and killed on her way to a surprise birthday party by a masked lunatic. But fate plays this campus cutie an unusual hand once she discovers she's living her birthday over and over again, each time attempting to cheat death but always running into her attacker. Screenwriter Scott Lobdell isn't trying to sneak a slasher variant of "Groundhog Day" passed us--he's upfront about the similarities, even exalts in them, while toying with all the possibilities such a scenario can offer. It takes Rothe three tries to fully comprehend what's happening to her; once she formulates a plan (creating a suspect list), Lobdell mixes things up, so that the movie rarely feels repetitive. Our heroine, snarky to start, follows Bill Murray's example and becomes a better person on her twisted journey (reestablishing contact with her father, apologizing to her roommate, even causing her own demise on one occasion to prevent the cute nerd from the boys' dorm from losing his life). Director Christopher B. Landon deserves credit for delivering a modern-day thriller with lots of action but no gore and no nudity. If it isn't quite a family-friendly slasher flick, it certainly is a squirrelly, sassy one, with some big laughs counterbalancing the suspense. Good show! *** from ****
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Pathetic Horror Version Of Groundhog Day
trnjamesbond28 October 2017
Happy Death Day is one of the worst horror films of 2017. The cast is highly irritating, and just forgettable. Tree Gelbman yes you read that right, the main character is named Tree, played by Jessica Rothe. Her character is nothing that I even care for, just an ignorant girl from a rich family acting like she is better than anyone around her, her sorority sisters are just as pathetic. So here we sit watching some over privileged character walk through the steps of a "Groundhog Day" style film, living her death over and over again, which was portrayed in the trailer.

Scott Lobdell was the writer for this terrible film, and in my opinion highly plagiarized from Groundhog Day, except this hack of a writer will not be sued because the story was tweaked enough and he turned it into a horror slasher style film, instead of a comedy.

If people want to pay money to see such drivel then by all means, go right ahead. There is no likable character, I wanted them all to die, and there is no point to see this film unless it's something to fall asleep to. That's it folks move along now nothing to see here. 6.7 is a fake rating made by this fake website and fake people. This is a big old zero people. Avoid at all costs.
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Hallmark Channel Horror
aloysius_predato11 October 2017
The first thing you need to do is ignore any positive review of this film. There is no doubt in my mind that most if not all of these were written by persons connected with the film in some way. This movie is utterly AWFUL!

Now, I cannot deny that Christopher Landon and Scott Lobdell are meekly innovative in unraveling this tale, but this is not enough to save the film. Sure, Happy Death Day will be able to score numerous jumps on people who don't watch horror movies for a living, but how hard is that.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be condescending to anyone. I pride myself on my stolid nature, and I have little in the way of a life. I assume that you do, and it is my hope in writing this that I may prevent your wasting time and money in the name of Happy Death Day. You see, I'm much like many of you. I slave day in and day out beneath the yoke of mundane tasks simply so that I can continue to do so. When the week ends, I need the escape that the cinema often provides. When the escape is inadequate, I take it personally. In the case of Happy Death Day, I found myself wanting to escape the very showing of the film itself. Sure, I could have left, counted my loss and been a better man for it, but I persisted. Why? I did it for you. In theory, I wasted my time so you will not. Please, do not render my sacrifice vain. If you must see something, theaters usually boast many options. I guarantee that Happy Death Day is the worst option that exists at the present time, at least in my town.

Happy Death Day is peppered with characters that do naught but remind me of people I hated in college, or, at least, ½ dimensional cardboard cutouts of those people. Jessica Rothe's protagonist, Tree, is thoroughly unlikeable from beginning to end, even after she undergoes her Hallmark-esque epiphany. I hope I didn't spoil the obvious. In any case, Rothe's performance is utterly forgettable, and, in my opinion, Landon could probably have replaced her with any mildly attractive barista in the region and achieved the same result if not better. Not only did I want to strangle Tree every time she opened her mouth, but I also wanted to strangle myself for buying the seat.

Perhaps you wonder why I did not go into specifics. There really are no specifics, it's just bad, there was nothing good. It's a roller coaster ride, but not a good one; it was like one of those traveling midway coasters that give you whiplash and have you fearing for your life. I was waiting for Scooby, Shaggy and the gang to pull up in the Mystery Machine and help Tree discover who's killing her. THAT would have made for a better film. Plus, if you are intent on seeing it, who am I to spoil it.

Lastly, when did a female's bare upper back begin to qualify as partial nudity? Did I miss something? I guess, technically, they're not lying, bare skin is nude skin, but, for those of you who might have been hoping for something more pulse inducing, there's nothing for you on this front either.
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I'll be kind and just say it isn't very good...not sure what movie the 10 ratings saw
scottm182 November 2017
Wow..this is really a rip-off of Groundhog Day--they even acknowledge it in the movie. It also had wooden acting, inconsistencies galore and zero scare factor (the PG-13 rating was a dead giveaway as that's as bad sign in a horror movie). The lead actress looks like she could be on her way to some success...but just not in this. The most irritating part for me (not giving anything way due to trailer) is that no matter how long or short she 'lingers' on the repeated opening scenario...the next sequence of events are always in the same. That just wouldn't be the case IRL. Anyway. I wanted to like it as it had good premise, but it just didn't do it for me.
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Great Horror Thriller with Time Loop Concept !
stevenclayalcander24 October 2017
Movie with the time loop concept is interesting but really need many good elements in it. It must contain good story, morale message, and also the brilliant plot twist is a must. And what makes this movie great ? Yeah it because Happy Death Day has all of the important element. Simple story with popular girl in university, with good directing, the repeated scene because of time loop doesn't seem boring. They can make the audience to be curious and sometimes with extra comedy it makes this film really great !

No doubt you will like this horror thriller movie because it is not similar like usual horror movie with some ghost, devil, or mysterious phenomenon. Its more like thriller movie with mysterious psychopath that kills you and you just cant escape from it. Even if I think this movie is brilliant, I admit that with this film concept like this, I like better if the movie genre is drama because it can offer you much more emotional, dramatic, and better morale message.
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While flawed, a great film with a surprising ending
cwhi-4729911 October 2017
I noticed a few of the reviews on here were posted without those users having actually watched the film.

I was lucky enough to go to a preview of the film, and was not disappointed. Starting off pretty slow with unlikeable characters, the film picked up in the best way possible. Throws a few curve balls at you which is always fun. Acting was great across the board - lead did really well in her role. While not the scariest movie, it's definitely entertaining and will keep your adrenaline running.
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Enjoyable if considered comedy mystery thriller
marioqpineda17 October 2017
If you are going to watch it keep in mind this is not a pure mystery thriller it will disappoint you if you're expecting that. But as a comedy slasher mystery thriller it becomes watchable if you don't have anything else to see but it still has flaws. It's predictable and changes between suspense and comedy seemed dumb. Some things just didn't make sense and certain situations felt unnecessary. Still you can enjoy it but it's not a good movie nor bad just something to see in your free time.
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If you loved groundhogs day, you'll love this
zombiefan8913 October 2017
It's a very interesting twist on horror movies. Best part, very few jump scares! The movie takes the high road instead. Very good stuff! There's also very little blood for a slasher. The acting is solid. There's a very cute romance. Overall, this is the best horror movie I've seen in a long time!
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Smart horror with depth and levels
jtindahouse16 October 2017
I'm starting to see a trend develop in modern horror movies (the good ones at least) and I really like it. Film makers are beginning to realise that for horror to work there has to be some different levels to the film. 90 minutes of watching people get killed isn't going to be able to cut it anymore. You have to be able to make the audience laugh, think and even move them emotionally. If you can do that then your film will be a success. Earlier this year 'Get Out' pulled it off and now 'Happy Death Day' has nailed it too.

When the opening logos featured a joke (literally in the first few seconds of the film) I thought I may have misread the tone of the film in the trailers. Turns out I had, but in a good way. It wasn't an indication that the film was to be a laugh-fest, simply that it had that layer to it. And the thing about the layers that the film possesses it that every one of them works. Whatever it tries to pull off it manages.

The twists and turns and how crafty it is about concealing them truly blew me away. At least three times I thought to myself such and such element would be better if they'd done so and so, only to later find out they did indeed have that up their sleeve the whole time. The film is incredibly smart.

I can't say enough good things about this film. The trailers won't give a fair indication to people of what this film is truly capable of, and so sadly I fear many who would love it will not get around to seeing it. If you get the chance though please do see it. It's a fantastic film and you won't be disappointed.
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Happy Death Day: Die, Wake, Repeat.
brankovranjkovic4 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Comedy, horror drama. The heroine played by Jessica Rothe is murdered at the end of her birthday! The murderer is disguised by a 'baby face' mask, and she immediately wakes up at the beginning of the same day, over and over and over again. She now knows what will happen during the course of the repeating day and we then see her murdered again, each time in a different manner.

Every time she wakes we see that she has suffered some injury relevant to the murder, and these accumulate over the passing days. Her urgent need is to slowly piece together the evidence in the course of each repeating day until she can determine who the killer is. Every morning her frustration grows but at least she slowly progresses towards knowing who the killer is. Every morning we see her realise that reliving the same day gives her the opportunity to slowly learn how to be a better person.

Comparison with 'Ground Hog Day' and 'Edge of Tomorrow' are inevitable – GHD is even referenced at the end during a brief conversation.

Jessica Rothe's performance is the only thing stopping this feeling like a very low budget made for T.V. movie.
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Happy Death Day 7/10 This is the first day of the rest of your life ....
pada23 October 2017
I had low expectations and I have to say they were totally exceeded .

This is an enjoyable Romantic Horror with more than a passing reference to GROUNDHOG DAY - and the occasional reminiscing of the 15 year old Shaun of the dead . Plus a bit of Scream , scary movie and a number of other slasher movies .

Jessica Roshe was brilliant in the starring role , you believe in her character , her charm was endearing and despite the 10 years between her character and actual age she played the combination of innocent romantic with a touch a modern feisty independent female in control of her own destiny .

The only poor point was how the inevitable twist was handled - that could have been slightly better but definitely worth seeing .

Pad.A 7/10
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Before I Fall - The Horror Movie
PablothePenguin15 October 2017
I was pretty excited to see this movie. I loved "Before I Fall" and I also love Horror/Thriller films....so seeing that "Happy Death Day" was a combination of both of those things, I decided that I should go see it.

I honestly thought this film was pretty decent....even though it was wasn't quite as good as I wanted it to be.

The biggest problem was that this movie didn't scare me at all. I might have felt a little spooked just once...but that hardly the "OMG I so scared god!! Argh!!" type reaction that the movie wanted me to have. None of the scary/suspenseful scenes really got me. I feel like this happened because this movie tried to be two things at once. It tried to be a drama like "Before I Fall" while also trying to be scary like "Scream" yet only ends up being OK in both ends of the spectrum. It feels like "a jack of all trades master of none" situation.

The other problem was the exposition involving our heroine was poorly handled. Not spoil things...basically our protagonist actually has a backstory....but it is given so little substance and emotional weight that it was just meh. It also isn't as integrated into the story as well as it could have been. I feel that her backstory could have been more developed and/or given more emotional impact.

Despite these problems, I still enjoyed the film.

I liked the plot. Even thought I never felt scared, the movie gave me more than enough interest for me to be invested in the story for the entire run time. It will most certainly keep you engaged. And I think the pay off to that story was pretty good, even if it felt a bit rushed in hindsight.

I also enjoyed the performances. Obviously none of them are going to be Oscar-winning material, but I think they did the job well enough that I felt immersed in what was going on. So good job guys!!

Another thing that I liked was that I didn't find myself cringing constantly like I do with other horror media like the "Scream TV show." Never once did I find myself rolling my eyes whenever someone open their mouth. Is the dialogue particularly memorable? Not really. But the fact that it wasn't a total cringe fest was certainly great news for me

Lastly, I thought the pacing was pretty decent. I did find it slow at times, but the story had enough going on that I never once felt bored or irritated or anything like that.

Overall, I found this movie to be reasonably enjoyable. Despite it's flaws, I found the story and the performances enjoyable enough that I can say that I had a good enough time. I give this film 3.5/5 stars.
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trailer teaser trash
drdeathforpresident18 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
yet again, been duped and led astray by the all mighty trailer gods; what a waste of celluloid. Horror films enthusiasts, really. Great idea yet poorly executed. A lot of drama for a horror film, hints of Dawson's Creek. A college girl wakes up in a horny student's room, confused and baffled. She's hungover. She lives her day hanging out with her sorority. She walks down a bunch of stairs at night with no lights to guide her and no one in sight (at this point, you turn around and run like the wind) She sees a small toy underneath a bridge. She cautiously inspects it then boom here comes trouble. A weirdo appears wearing a mask and kills her. She wakes up again and we start the whole boredom all over again. The killer is obvious and in the end I leave thinking I've seen this film before.
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A Perfect Blend of Horror / Comedy
Will K27 October 2017
This film is really one of a kind. It does a terrific job of evoking fear, as well as making you laugh out loud. The film itself is satirical in nature. It truly is a film everyone should go see, and is enjoyable for all ages. The film builds up well, and continues to succeed up until the end. The ending is very outrageous in nature, and seems to be a forced plot twist filled with ridiculous exposition. The ending will either leave you amused, or just disappointed. This film is worth it though!
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Six-Feet-Under-Ground-Hog Day
Matt Greene20 October 2017
Happy Death Day comes from Blumhouse Productions, the studio made famous for the resurgence of horror in theaters (Get Out, The Purge, Insidious). However, this is the lightest of light thrills. Sure, it would fit in the slasher movie bin, but with its bubble gum aesthetics and goofy comedy, it's really more Freaky Friday than Friday the 13th. And in that sense, it's mildly charming…if not bright enough to be great. For starters, the premise is pretty stupid, and the execution of that premise isn't much better. A brash and awful sorority girl is forced to relive the same birthday over and over, each one ending in her own murder by a masked killer. Imagine Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow, but in the teen-screams genre and with a lot less complexity. In fact, most of its "originality" just comes in its blanket theft from other properties and throwing them all together: the youth world of Mean Girls; the comedy of "Scream Queens"; the protagonist from "The Good Place"; the scares from The Purge. It's not bad, just familiar, like we're reliving this recognizable movie just as the character relives her day. Once our girl starts trying to solve the whodunit-mystery, things get more assured and fun, as we find it easier to root for her and her insistence on not dying each day ad infinitum. Even though the deaths and scares are wanting, the other elements work, especially the humor and (gasp!) the heart. It's harmless and forgettable October fare, made more for people who hate horror than me. In other words, my wife will love it.
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Like "Groundhog Day", only scarier!
Ever experienced Deja vu? For this college student, it's a first. Tree Gelbman(Jessica Rothe) experience it for the first time after a wild night of partying at a university. She wakes up in a dormitory where she meets Carter(Israel Broussard) with questions on how she got here. Eager to get back to her sorority, she encounter the scenes, sounds, and people around her. Today's Tree's birthday, and she's not a happy camper whatsoever. When she goes out to celebrate, she is killed. Only to come back to the dormitory where she crashed. And everything seems to repeat itself. Over and over again. In the second time, she tries to go to a different direction, only to be killed, again. On the third time, she would try to find out who wants her dead. With Carter's help, she would get closer to the killer. In one deja vu, she walked out in her birthday suit causing a lot of dropping jaws. Then she would make restitution for her past behavior. Most of it is when she lost her mother. This movie has a lot of scares along with a lot of laughs. The hospital scene was great. And that kill when she was handcuffed in the police car was amazing. I enjoyed this film very much. It was highly entertaining, and worth my while. A must see. If you like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day", then this is for you. Christopher B. Landon did an excellent job on this film. 5 stars
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