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SnoopyStyle29 August 2015
Disillusioned Dr. John Ellison (Jason O'Mara) saves a child during a gangland shootout and kills one of the attackers. Antoine is still targeted and he hides him with the help of nurse Gretchen Polk (Jessica Szohr). Antonine's father is a gangleader in prison and he threatens John with the help of his underling Darius Bishop. Unbeknowst to John, Gretchen is deep in a fraud scheme at the hospital with her friend Jed. Dr. O'Neill is suspicious. John is attacked at home and detective Holden of the Gang Task Force is digging. Even John's wife is suspicious.

The problem of the show is that Ellison does unreasonable things. I was confused by his actions for the first several episodes. Then I change my mind and see him with serious mental health issues. His frustrations and inner anger cause his irrational ways. That excuses some of the problems of the show but not all of them. Jason O'Mara is the picture of intensity and the acting is generally good. The plot has a few too many complications piling on too quickly. A little simplification would really help.
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It went really fine for a pilot ,, the script seems good .. and After watching Three episodes the show really intrigued me into wanting more and more ..
Aktham Tashtush20 June 2015
The show started in a mysteriously catchy intriguing way a moment and its 10 hours ago flashback isn't new but here it felt really fresh, where in the psychic office another flashbacks appear like a web with the park shooting with the memories of his daughter .. just to make you understand well what's really the story and make you more and more engaged in the plot. The story itself is not strictly into medical shows and all as i expected it to be which would've made it a regular copy of "grey's anatomy" or "the night shift" but this one got it's own personality by the concept of saving someone not just medically but like really saving him ;) And it never stops surprising you with new tangled events where you'd expect things are just simple for such show. After "Burn Notice" Matt Nix did a good job on this script the show looked so much precise and on point you just want to know what's gonna happen next and how he got himself involved in this mess where things escalated quickly from a shooting in a park to a gang war to attempt murder in the 3rd episode ;) ....

As for the cast,, well at first i didn't really feel that Jason O'Mara was a good choice for the lead ,, i don't know, his face felt a bit rigid and inflexible but as the scenes rolled his expressions evolved and got more involved on the show. The nurse Gretchen "Jessica Szohr" is Daaaaamn hot with her tattoos also Eric Edelstein character as drug addict was spot on.

Overall, USA network made a bold yet a great choice picking this show on the screen ,, and from three episodes so far i really have a good feeling about this one ,, and i think it'll make a fine success.

_____________ Update ______________________

well it's episode 7 here and honestly things are heating up quickly .. the thrill is at it on the same high level ... Excited and eager for more ..

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Have to be high on nutmeg to deal with the ridiculousness
amariwilliams-5754225 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I LOVED Burn Notice. That's really the only reason I decided to check out Matt Nix's new show. It's utter ridiculousness. I could stomach the first episode, aside from the stilted acting and uninteresting supporting characters. After episode 2, however, things just become outrageous. The problem is trying to plant way too many seeds like the drug dealing nurse, wife who may or may not have had an affair, estranged grandfather, main character's mysterious ability to shoot like a trained marksman, etc. I stopped watching when the drug dealing nurse decides to make a housecall to retrieve a patient's belongings (??) from her boyfriend that was beating her up and ends up hurling the patient's boyfriend into a glass coffee table (?????) then calls the doctor to help her and he decides to let the patient potentially bleed to death while he takes a meeting with a streetgang that passively threatened him to take care of the gang leader's son who is recovering from the shooting the initially saved him from (?????????). My brain hurts trying to understand who decided it was a good idea to make a show essentially titled 'Medical People Who Keep Making Implausible Decisions in Atlanta Yet No One Has a Southern Accent'
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Ignore Idiots Who Can't Appreciate a Good show
madhouserevival21 June 2015
House was less believable than this show. Not going into plot points and all that, just want to get it out there that Jason O'Mara is hella fun to watch in this. His isn't the only character who drives this show but it definitely hinges on his. It's just plain fun and exiting. I had my own run in with a street gang in Miami back in the 80's (just a few physical altercations and a lot of intimidation) and I totally relate to the situation he finds himself in. The actors who play the "bad guys" are highly believable and give great performances. The story is intriguing and, unlike most "medical" dramas I've instantly fallen in love with the show.
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Preposterous, edgy, and very entertaining!
reservoircat-121 June 2015
Don't listen to the trolls. These are people who yell at a hamburger because it is not prime rib!

This new series is dark and edgy fun for viewers who like Dexter and Banshee. Yes, 'Complications' is absolutely preposterous. It is also absolutely entertaining, for those of us willing to suspend our disbelief. No, an E.R. surgeon would never be put into such extraordinary circumstances, but so what? This is escapist pulp fiction, and it's very entertaining pulp fiction!

This show is a vigilante story combined with the delerium of '24' and the background of medical procedurals. The frenetic plot is established within minutes; 15.25 minutes, to be exact. If you don't like the show in that time, then this series is not for you.

Jason O'Mara is excellent as the protagonist lead. It's impossible not to cheer for his character to succeed! He is very believable as the tormented father with every mercurial mood swing. His face is capable of tremendous expressiveness. And he is given very compelling reasons for his character's outrageous decisions. Jessica Szhor is similarly brilliant in her contribution as the fringe-personality nurse; the two of these actors bring a real chemistry and grit to the storyline.

If the writers can keep the next two episodes from going over the top, then this series is on a trajectory to becoming a cult classic. If the writers can't keep it on the rails, then this show will not be renewed.

Go. Watch the first 15.25 minutes of episode 1, and see for yourself. If you like lurid pulp fiction, then you'll like Complications!
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Mob Doctor strikes back
Dr_Sagan23 June 2015
I'm an MD so I'm always skeptical about medical dramas. Although some medical adviser is always present nowadays, it's difficult not to notice that these people aren't actual doctors and nurses. It's the deliverance, the "aura"...

Anyway this isn't a medical drama per se. It reminds me of another series (now canceled, yet with a satisfactory series finale) The Mob Doctor.

This is about a semi-delusional ER doctor who, after a gang-related incident, find himself (and his family) trapped in war that he didn't asked for. Yet this "adrenaline-rush" seems to be doing him some good. Feeling more alive maybe, especially after a loss that he suffered (his daughter died recently from cancer).

I don't really find anything bad with Complications. Maybe it feels a little short, but it has time to evolve into something better.

Jason O'Mara tries to fit the role but he lacks a broad range of facial expressions, so his acting is a little bit stale.

Overall: Will see. I'm giving to it a chance, for now.

P.S. +1 for using "medical" terms as titles for each episode.
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Wonderfully adicting show with a bright future
RoryAred23 July 2015
I had no intention of watching this show. I knew that it was created by Matt Nix, the genius behind Burn Notice, and was interested. To be honest, I was quite annoyed at the USA network for cancelling so many of their shows such as Burn Notice, Psych, and Covert Affairs and in turn putting on useless shows such as moronic chrisley and playing house. I thought USA was a sunken ship until I found Complications. The show is unique and not a cookie cutter type procedural. The actors have been phenomenal thus far and the writers do a wonderful job of creating conflicts and back stories for them all. It is very much a show that stems from a single action and though the series is very emotional and drama filled, the problems are reasonably connected and the episodes flow very well. The characters are driven by their moral and compassion for others and often resort to drastic measures which push them to their extremes. As an Atlantan I find the show does a wonderful job of portraying the area realistically. I noticed a negative review criticized the lack of a southern accent, which anyone who lives in Atlanta would find downright hysterical. No one in Atlanta processes one and hasn't for quite some time:) Overall I am pleased with the show and truly believe this is the last saving grace for USA as their old shows are leaving vast voids. I can't wait to see the show's progress and hope that it becomes successful.
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Keeps you on your feet throughout the show
sportsto326 June 2015
This show is an amazing series, it keeps you on your feet throughout the show. Excellent acting and great script. The action scenes are amazing and it's a show I look forward to watching. Keep it up, this show has so much potential. I can't wait to see where it goes. It shows how people have different aspects of their lives and shoes the challenge of balancing the good with the bad. Suspense and action throughout the show. If you are looking for a story that shows struggle, excitement, and just a small chance of getting out of thin situations this is it. This show is an amazing series, it keeps you on your feet throughout the show. Excellent acting and great script. The action scenes are amazing and it's a show I look forward to watching.
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Best Series...........We want Season 2
David Lawrance30 August 2015
I never rated for television series. This is my first time. I just want the Season 2 so badly. Best series ever........... Every second of each episode I felt the thrill. We need this show back on the screen. So many are watching television via NETFLIX and other stuffs. So don't just count the viewers based on Cable signal and discontinue such a good series. Dr. Ellison, Gretchen are the best actors. After a very long time I started enjoying television show by watching 'Complications'. No one can presume that this is what gonna happen next. I'm gonna keep checking IMDb everyday until i see that Complication Season 2 is back again. It really kept me excited.I will comment here again after watching Season 2 :)
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Suspension of Disbelief x1000
jmcgil2219 June 2015
First, let me preface this review by saying that I love Jason O'Mara, and "Life on Mars" is one of my favorite shows. But sadly, even this talented Irish actor cannot save the car crash that is "Complications". The storyline is simply not believable at all. There is no way that so many outrageous, ridiculous and implausible things could happen to an ER doctor, whether on or off duty. I know that ER staff see some crazy things during their careers, but the show just takes it way too far, to the point where it detracts from one's enjoyment of the show. Ironically, even though so many things are happening in the plot, the show itself is extremely boring. Despite O'Mara's strong performance, I will not continue to follow this series.
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Almost like an actioneer - well-done, paced, and plotted...
jantoniou30 June 2015
The context for "Complications" seems wild: A stressed-out ER doctor out for a drive comes upon a drive-by shooting. He ultimately saves the boy who is shot and kills members of a rival "Loco" (read: Mexican) gang who are coming back to finish the job.

Turns out the boy is not just a random ghetto statistic: He is the son of a prominent imprisoned gang leader. The E.R. doc - Dr. John Ellison, played very well by Irish actor Jason O'Mara - is unwittingly drawn in to their world and ultimately lives or dies at their behest.

Dr. Ellison bouncing from one admittedly absurd scenario to another forces you to either embrace the show as an edge-of-your-seat action-drama show or reject it as a ridiculous farce. Some will certainly choose the latter. Any drama - nor comedies or kids' shows, either - is nothing without conflict and "Complications" has plenty of it.

"Complications" was created by Matt Nix, the creator of "Burn Notice," one of my favorite USA shows - though admittedly the premise of "Burn Notice" wore quite thin after a few seasons. To Nix's credit he pushed the show into fairly dark territory as the stock show formula of Michael saving X person from bad guys and getting some form of revenge got pretty dull.

Now that Dr. Ellison in "Complications" is being setup as a kind of gangland doctor one wonders if Nix will follow something of a similar formula with various scenarios involving he and numerous somewhat or entirely outlandish setups where only the doctor can help.

It's great to see Beth Riesgraf - the very quirky Parker from the wonderful and frequently overlooked show "Leverage" - as Ellison's wife. Nix also seems to be drawing on some "Burn Notice" regulars as well, notably Lauren Stamile as another E.R. doctor (IIRC she played an FBI agent who was at first against Michael in "Burn Notice" but ultimately worked with him).

Whether you love or hate this show - I'm close to "really like" - there is no denying the direction, writing, and acting are all very good. Unlike a lot of pilots and new shows the actors seem incredibly comfortable and believable in their respective roles. The plots are at times pretty absurd - why doesn't the doctor, for example, simply go to the cops if a gang leader is threatening his life and that of his family? - but they're also designed quite well to keep you interested in the story. I have to wonder what direction they'll be taking next.
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Good pace, Intriguingly abstract moral ideals, dry ending, bad title
kewltodamax3 September 2015
To be honest, I believe its title to be its failure. Like the writers and producers just went along with it after script editing without rechecking its connections.

M.D. Vigilante or something that would bring it the show's class would have been better. Complications for one would be too complicated to search in Google as it is a common word not only in general but medical terms as well. It's flair would have been lost to the fray.

On the show, I believe the first season was setting up John to be a continuous vigilante throughout the series and getting better and more determined at it, flowing his PTS syndrome into a more less symptomatic more driven goal that would flourish into a probable "Prison Break" like or otherwise "The Company/E Corp" face off i.e. International Cooperation/Multi-conglomerate Company.

So to be hard driven into this situation and molded by the plot in the first season to me was a very good start. For first seasons, I'm rather withdrawn with how the cast plays their characters because I believe most things in life are work of progress so it would not be a surprise if they seem too dry at this point. There was no plot to submerge them into a character that would be growing yet.

As with many first seasons, most things revolve around the main repeating casts and the play with Gretchen and john was masterwork for a first season. I especially love that they added scenes in John's psychology where he back and forth himself towards explaining what the entire first season was about, "Killing the cancer's source". The ideals presented in this form was admirable.

It is just that I would remain with this remark until if season 2 was also dry with each of the character they have ensemble into the web around John. So I say give it a shot for Season 2 because Season 1 did keep me wanting for more, not sort of like GoT or other high production types but because of its "Hannibal" like appeal of character interchange of abstract moral ideals.
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How stupid can they be?
Brainwave6828 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I tuned into this show because of Beth Riesgraf whom I used to love watching in Leverage and Jason O'Mara who I used to watch in Vegas and Terra Nova before those three shows wrongly got canceled. However, in this show, I kept thinking to myself --- for some supposedly educated people they sure are stupid. For example, in episode 7 instead of agreeing to steal the drugs to get the guy off the phone why not agree until he left THEN call the gang and let them take care of it. In episode 8 instead of John going down there after having killed some one of their gang members why not just have Gretchen go instead. She already has been there successfully and they have good feelings towards her. She ended up having to go there any way to rescue him. Better yet, why not just call the cops? And what did he think was going to happen when he told the first gang that they were going to be attacked??? LOL... Beth Riesgraf is pretty much the only reason I keep watching.
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Awesome Show - Believable too
Warning: Spoilers
Unlike a previous reviewer, I do find the show believable. Can all the events that the main character experienced happen to a real person (his daughter died the previous year, he's taking a dying squirrel to the vet when he witnesses a gang shooting and then assists in saving the victim. In the process he has to shoot a gang member driving at him to run his victim down, the gang looks for an opportunity to finish of the victim at the hospital (less likely), the victim's father threatens the doctor to do something which the doctor does out of concern for his patient (the shooting victim), etc.)? Yes, kind of. Is it likely? Not really, but this is TV. It's a hell of a lot more believable than so many other TV shows currently out now that are really popular. More to the point, I find myself rooting for this doctor against all these odds. He's heroic in a world lacking heroes. It's a good message and good TV. I originally approached it with the opinion that this, like so many other new TV series, was going to be one that I would summarily 86 after the 1st episode. Not so. Not at all.

Excellent cast, especially Jason O'Mara. Can't think of a better actor for this role. I think he's even better than in "Life on Mars".\

Really, watch it. You won't be disappointed.
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it's unbelievable in .every way
Stephen Kirk21 June 2015
this has to be the most over the top TV show i've seen and i have watched mob doctor ! SO many things happen to this guy in the pilot it's like watching a season of er / greys anatomy in one hour. it's just unbelievable / but once you've gotten over that you start to see other bad things in it. Jason O'Mara acts really well, but the rest are so wooden. when they're going over the medical jargon they most be reading off cue cards because it's so badly done. let me say again red dwarf is more believable than this. i kept on looking at the timer to see what was left so i could write this review. there was 3 more episodes downloaded , now have been deleted. summery. The writers got every story line from er / greys anatomy and put it into the pilot. Just unbelievable in every way.
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Was Just Getting Good
getnoldfast20 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've really enjoyed this show! The characters really fit well together and the intensity in each episode keeps you coming back for more. I am quite DISAPPOINTED that they killed off Darius. He was one of the cornerstones of the show! They could have wounded him. He was just a great character with how he interacted with the doctor...and deep down inside you knew he was a good guy overall.

The doctor certainly walks a fine line between what is lawfully correct and what is needed to distance himself and his family from all the trouble he accidentally brought into his life. His dad is a good side figure that is supportive of his son through thick and thin...even though he apparently screwed up back in the day.

Overall, this is one of the better shows out there and I'm certainly looking forward to the next season. However, killing off this very instrumental character was not only wrong, but very unexpected.
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My Favorite Show
pshel521179 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't sure about this show at first. Then I started watching and it pulled me in. The story is amazing and I wouldn't wish that on my best friend. Dr John is just trying to be the best doctor he can be. Dr Ellison has really gotten himself in a pickle and I admire his backbone standing up to these guys. CJ scares the crap out of me. Those eyes! He is playing his part well. Gretchen is playing her part well too and she is quite gutsy. I love the friendship growing between Gretchen and John. I can't believe how calm John can stay in the face of so much chaos. Hopefully they can solve this problem or else Johns life and family are going down.

Can't wait for the next episode.
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So this show is essentially "Dr. Burn Notice".
nixon carmichael23 June 2015
I don't mean that in a completely negative way. If you'd sit me down at a focus group, didn't tell me that this was a Matt Nix project or that it's on USA and just told me to watch the damn show, immediately after the credits roll, I'd say "Well that's a Matt Nix show on USA."

Not that it's a bad thing.

Matt Nix has an intellectualism about his writing that enables the viewer to get into the world of a professional environment, complete with accurate dialogue that a professional in a given world would use. Complications requires a vast suspension of disbelieve, but I buy it in the context of the show. While it's a bit more grim than Burn Notice, complications does seem to keep a relatively quick pace.

Overall, after having viewed the first three episodes I can confidently say that this is not the worst thing on TV.
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Great show so far
levinmongan26 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I stumbled upon this show and luckily, I got to watch the pilot. I read most of the reviews and it seems the ratings are a little low because of the over-the-top action and "unbelievable situations". I do agree but at the same time this show presents many problems the main character faced in his past and affects him in the present. The complication in the show is the turning point where Dr. Ellison had the choice to save one kids life or evade the gun man in the car. Because he made the choice of saving another life while putting his at risk, he had no choice but to protect himself and the victim from getting shot at or ran over. This one brave action in which was done through anger and panic, started a chain reaction. The father who ran away was discovered to be a criminal himself and the gunman was associated with members of what I infer to be, a rival gang. The show's action packed events come from the fact that Ellison got himself into a gang affiliated situation along with his job on the line while his unstable mind grows accustom to violence in order to "stabilize" his mental state or relieve his tension. This show is great so far and has an exceptional plot. I look forward to watching more episodes.
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Complications going off the air
maryjh-3296231 August 2015
I really looked forward to watching this show every week. I was never disappointed, thought it kept you on the edge of your seat. The actors fit their characters perfectly. The episodes, each filled with unexpected twists and turns, always left one intrigued, wondering what next week's show will bring.

I just read a couple days ago that they're taking it off the air. Totally unexpected. Why they would do this to a perfectly great show is beyond me. I'm really disappointed. So many shows that I started getting interested in have been axed over the last couple years. I thought Complications would be one that could be enjoyed for a few seasons.
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Another Loser
savanman_200017 August 2015
I was hoping for a House like show. Not even close. O'Mara is a great actor. I don't know how great actors get caught up in shows like this. He was great in Life on Mars. How do show's like that one get canceled?

Every episode is about women complaining about something. Almost every scene will have a woman complaining about something. It is like being married to 7 unhappy women. I didn't see one happy woman in any of the episodes. Why is this so popular to women?

I can overlook the ridiculous and unbelievable circumstances this doctor puts himself into or finds himself in. I can overlook the bad acting of the other actors. I can overlook the all the inconsistencies of what would happen in real life.

But, the constant scenes of complaining makes you want to have your lawyer draw up divorce papers, even if you aren't married.
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Loved it
silllycookie200228 December 2016
Binged watched , too exciting to stop, why is there no second season? Who are the idiots who make the decisions? This show beats everything on TV in 2016. I don't care how factual it is , its about entertainment. Well acted and written . Im just a retired woman looking for something different and this show provided the twists and turns of "whats going to happen next." The BBC from the UK provides my thirst for drama/thriller/action , why cant we in North America Provide the same excitement? The Blacklist, How to Get Away with Murder and 24 are no where near to the excitement.Its all about the the $$$ its Complicated pun intended . My review wont make a difference but I tell everyone they have to see this. I wish I could make a difference

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the show'complications'
garyyukich527 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't believe I have ever stopped watching a show because of the fact that there happens to be a character in the show that ills me-the doctor's cohort(the mouthy nurse).Ah man can't you see-she's loud-right all the time-she is sickening I like the show but she is the same in every show-change her character please or give her some-she irks me-gets under your skin and I can't like her if I tried-sorry but ya I guess I have to make this 10 lines so-she is loud righteous unlikable I dig the doc but when he submits to her all the time ,he looses too-it's a lose lose situation and I cant be the only one-broken fingernail down a blackboard that's it that's all
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