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I was asking myself why did De Niro accept this role...
altersaege13 November 2015
...till the Movie showed more. I may be biased 'cause De Niro has always been my favourite actor, but I believe he accepted this role because it is indeed a nice variation on the theme. It may seem the "same" gangster stuff with his moves and faces we all know well, but it is also different, deeper, wider. And, it delivers a nice message. So, De Niro is surely not one of those actors who have to accept any role just to survive. He can select what to do, and if at the beginning of the movie I thought "why did you accept to do once again an over-the-top sort of gangster which you did 10000 times and adds nothing more to your repertoire?", now I am sure that he accepted this role because he believed in it, as I do now too. All other actors were also very good, specially Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whom I do not mean to reduce to a "mix of Javier Bardem and Bruce Willis", but he does indeed remember me of both. This is not a masterpiece and it does not shake the art of Cinema, but it is a very nice movie which flows fast and does not leave you empty.
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Still wondering why did they turn down the name 'Bus 657', but anyway
hasan-hadzic00627 November 2015
Alright guys, before I start I must warn you that this is my second IMDb review and I don't speak English as my primary language, so this review may look pretty retarded, but that doesn't mean I won't do my best to share my thoughts on this movie with you.

Okay, I saw it few days ago and I must admit that I wasn't disappointed. I thought it will be a cliché when I saw the trailers and read the plot, but I was obviously wrong. I liked it, because it was thrilling from the beginning to the end, the actors were amazing and the action was realistic. The plot was fine, although I've noticed few plot holes in it. I didn't like the screenplay much, too, but let me say it was okay.

This movie kinda shares the plot with 'Speed' from 1994., but they're actually totally different. So this movie isn't a copycat, anyway, let's talk about the characters.

Vaughn (main one) is the character I liked mostly in this movie. His dilemma between doing bad for good of his daughter and giving up from everything was really touching and I really 'got into the character' during watching the movie. The Pope (De Niro's character) is a classic type of characters Robert plays. Crime businessman, who is hardcore, but still kind on his own way. De Niro is an awesome actor and I'm really glad to see him in this movie because he was perfect for this role, and his performance turned out to be very good, too. Other characters (Derrick, Cox, etc.) were getting on my nerves a little bit because they were almost the only type of characters their actors play, but that fact was still pretty ignorable to me.

Screenplay was actually pretty poor and that's the biggest thing I didn't like in the movie. The movie could be awesome if screenplay was not so weak, but movies like this usually don't have a strong screenplay, so it didn't bother me much.

My final thoughts on this movie are positive, because this movie was a pretty good crime thriller, definitely worth watching and not a waste of time.

I give it a 7 out of 10.
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Interesting characters and performances, but a script that needs work
Gino Cox17 December 2015
"Heist" a/k/a "Bus 657" offers strong performances and decent production values. The script has several strengths. The characters are interesting and multifaceted and the dialogue is good. The characters are given backstories and complex histories with one another, but those histories aren't developed sufficiently for the audience to understand some of the choices the characters make.

Some aspects seem contrived, such as the girl's critical illness and urgent need for surgery that somehow leaves her appearing healthy and rosy-cheeked, the hospital's ultimatum or the lack of other options like crowd-sourcing fundraisers. One plot device seemed much more appropriate in a 1990 Bill Murray comedy than a gritty action film. A feared gangster takes extraordinary steps to prevent anybody from ever imagine they can steal from him, but is robbed twice in a week. The casino seems to have less security for its cash than most casinos have on their alcohol.

One wishes filmmakers would take the time to do some rudimentary research. There are numerous images on Google of one million dollars in hundred-dollar bills. If half the money were in twenties, it would take up three times as much space. Used bills occupy possibly twenty percent more space than new bills. If a character runs around with a bag that's too small to hold the amount of money it's supposed to hold, people are likely to wonder where the rest of the money is.

The script has more holes than Emmentaler. At times the characters seem to act without any comprehensible motive. At other times, they have very real and believable motives. The script has a couple of nice twists, although they really need a better foundation than a brief allusion or quick background shot to make them seem believable. It would have been nice to get to know some of the passengers, particularly as they make choices that impact the outcome.

With a little more effort and development, it could have been a really good script. Strong performances by Morgan and De Niro and interesting turns by Bautista and Chestnut make the film a worthwhile viewing experience.
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Decent but nothing extraordinary.
Dr_Sagan14 November 2015
This is a rather typical action thriller starring a skinny Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Robert De Niro. Kate Bosworth is the 3rd pre-title name but she has a really small part in this.

Mixed martial artist Gina Carano is also present but underused here having only a few seconds of martial art. TV's Mark-Paul Gosselaar has also a surprise role and he is giving s good performance. That can't be said about De Niro who - despite the fact that his character has many layers - gives a sub-par and boring performance.

Anyway, as I said the plot is rather typical about a ...Heist, (obviously). There are some shooting and car chases and roadblocks, a couple of twists, a little bit of melodrama...

It's not bad. It gets better as it progresses and with a Hollywood type conclusion that most people will find satisfying, although somehow unbelievable.
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More like a C version of Speed with many low moments. However there are a few high points that could make it worth your while!
chrichtonsworld18 November 2015
You would think that a film with the title Heist in it would be all about that. Instead we get a simple robbery that does not go as planned and where three gang members end up on a bus. And where they are forced to keep the passengers hostage.

As intriguing as this sounds it gets downhill from here. Most events are predictable to a tee apart from a few surprises that do help redeem this flick somewhat. But seriously with a cast like this I can't but help to be disappointed. With names like Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dave Bautista, Gina Carano, Morris Chestnut, D. B. Sweeney, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Kate Bosworth I expected a little more. Not much but come one what we got from this film is almost unacceptable. The only reason why I kept watching is because of the sincerity of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character. He only is involved since he needs the money for his daughter's surgery who has cancer. I am a sucker for that kind of melodrama especially if some of the main characters sell it well. I am not entirely sold on Gina Carano yet but I liked her part in this. For me it was far better than her role in breakthrough film Haywire. All the other actors are wasted. What happened to Robert De Niro? Why is he still acting? It does not seem like he is enjoying himself. He hasn't brought his A game in a long while now and it does not look he is going to very soon. It's almost embarrassing to see him like this. At least we were spared that 50 Cent was not involved.

Most of the film plays out as you expect and the action is decent enough but nothing really special. For a film with a duration of 90 minutes it feels like it takes forever. This is due to lack of real tension and build up of suspense. How can it be if director Scott Mann plays it safe and goes for the ending everyone can live with.

This is one of those movies that is decent enough when it is on television. I don't think this is worth seeing in theaters or watching on DVD or bluray.
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Cheap thrill faceplant
Cryptkeeper28 November 2015
Throw together a few bad-ass looking guys and you get a bad-ass movie? If only directing was that simple. This reeks direct to DVD; bad acting with little or no coherent dialogue, bad lighting with the classic 2008 fake lens flare, zero character development etc. The list goes on. These days Hollywood movies are sadly relying on statistics, stitching together parts and dialogue from films that once did well. De Niro hits rock bottom of wooden acting smoking Vapes whilst lecturing a millennial how in the future no one will know what a real cigarette tasted like. ZZzzzz. This film is the reason why people pirate movies. Period. Times is money, and you're about to loose some.
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How and why
kosmasp31 March 2016
The movie itself is very predictable. Even a twist is not that much of a twist, though it doesn't really make much sense if you think about it. But all is carried throughout the length of the movie, because you have some really strong actors in this. You can also question the morality of it and how it deals with certain things.

But it's just a movie and the characters may be plain (most of them), but that's why this isn't top rated either. It's a nice little thriller movie, which might think it's more than it is, but that's OK. It's better to set higher goals, than just aiming too low. Even with the misses and flaws, this still can be enjoyed
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A remake
ferdinand193214 November 2015
Taking a well-known format and adding nothing new to it, along with some dubious plotting and logic, Heist comes out as another hackneyed cliché. Even with the star name of De Niro this threadbare filler is full of testosterone but lacks any mental ability at all. Indeed, the presence of De Niro is somewhat uncertain and it may be time for Bradley Cooper, who does an excellent De Niro impersonation, to take his roles and allow the former actor to retire finally.

The set up allows the writer to excoriate the American health system, which is apposite as it fails on any measure of value delivery, but this basis is squandered in a standard heist story with a crew that has no brains at all and consequently its fate is entirely predictable.

Enter the police with their own mental deficits and some temporarily attractive stunts which are used to disguise the utter absurdity of the police plan and its flawed execution.

A few additional plot points make the story cohere, if it can be said to, but in an unconvincing way, typical of the fashion that screenwriters deceive gullible producers into making this type of product which has tested well with average teenage males in major markets.

The sum of all the effort is a remake of a 1975 B-grade TV movie.
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enjoyable thriller
Paul Wycherley24 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Director scott mann is on the rise, from his 2009 hit "the tournament" to this 2015 film the heist his films are getting better and better. The heist is a story of a desperate casino worker that cant afford to pay for his daughter medical bills and after his mob boss at the casino turns him down for a loan and fires him its time for last resort.....raid the casino and escape by any means. Jeffrey dean morgan plays the desperate dad with dave bautista as the heist leader and i have to say his acting skills are improving with every film he is doing, with robert de niro as the casino owner and morris chestnut as his right hand man heist is a good thriller with a well played out story that keeps your attention from start to finish.
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Worst DeNiro movie ever?
Greg Francis10 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure how much they paid DeNiro to make this VERY amateurish movie, but he can't save this generic, lame, dopey thing. Putting a couple of wrestlers in major acting parts is bad enough, but the writing is at a middle school film project level. That includes the plot, the dialog and the almost random killings throughout. The story at the very basic level is kind of interesting, but totally butchered in the execution. Here are a few idiotic examples. 1. A casino dealer who does a card trick at the table?, then just yells "dealer change" over his shoulder and walks away. Later we see this same dealer wheeling a money cart into the vault, also NEVER done by dealers. This writer has obviously never even been in a casino lol. 2. A guy tells off the owner and gets fired, but his alarm code to the vault where they keep millions in cash still works the next night. 3. A veterinary student is put in charge of caring for a bad guy that got shot, they bargain for medical supplies, one of which is a hypo full of something. She asks the cop who brought it what it is, he says "pain killer" so based solely on that she injects the entire thing in the IV and the guy dies. Then the other bad guys get mad but are not sure who to blame or whatever, just too dumb to put any effort into trying to figure it out. 4. Two words, SWAT motorcycles, wtf? I could go on for days, please save yourself the irritation and skip this thing, unless you want your head to hurt from the stupidity and horrible acting. Shame on you DeNiro!
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