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A new kind of documentary
interzone2830 September 2009
Raul Barcelona directed a great film ! with "The promise of New York" A very unique and entertaining look at the mayoral race in New York City, Through the eyes of three outsiders. The film which has so many " I can't believe what i am seeing " moments in it , That you think it is fiction. BUT IT IS ALL REAL ! That is a hallmark of a great documentary! The film works on many levels 1. you really learn a lot about the electoral system of New York city and how easy it is to run for mayor in the biggest city on earth . 2.The film is a great character study of New York City eccentrics and human nature. 3.and I think most importantly the film Challenges and questions mayor Mike Bloomberg's character, is he really as nice a guy that people think ? This is the first film to take a swipe at Bloomberg "the untouchable " Bloomberg is very well liked in New York, there really no negative press about him. But when you are a Billionaire you can kill off all the negative press you want ! This film will tell you things about Bloomberg that will shock you ! Because this film reveals facts that were purposely left out of the mainstream media!. 4. The film is technically brilliant ! with great editing ,cinematography, and narrative structure. The film is never boring and is riveting at times . I would have to put this film alongside with the benchmark works of Michael Moore and Earl Morris. Will go down as a classic !
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