Finding Nemo (2003) Poster


Stephen Root: Bubbles



  • Nemo : Has anyone seen my dad?

    Peach : Honey, your father's probably back at the pet store.

    Nemo : Pet store?

    Bloat : Yeah. Like, I'm from Bob's Fish Mart.

    Gurgle : Pet Palace.

    Bubbles : Fish-O-Rama.

    Deb : Mail Order.

    Peach : Ebay.

  • Bubbles : So, the Big Blue. What's it like?

    Nemo : Umm... big... and blue?

    Bubbles : I knew it.

  • Gill : From this moment on, you shall now be known as Sharkbait.

    Bloat , Gurgle , Bubbles : Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!

    Gill : Welcome, Brother Sharkbait!

    Bloat , Gurgle , Bubbles : Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!

    Gill : Enough with the Sharkbait.

    Gurgle : Sharkbait! Hoo... bop pa doo.

  • Bloat : Uh-oh. Darla.

    Nemo : What's wrong with her?

    Gurgle : She wouldn't stop shaking the bag.

    [close up of the dead fish in the photo] 

    Bubbles : Poor Chuckles.

    Deb : He was her present last year.

    Bloat : Took a ride on the porcelain express.

    [Dentist flushes toilet] 

    Peach : She's a fish killer!

  • Gurgle : [looking around dirty tank]  Ahh, no, no. Ah!

    Bubbles : [Bubbles opens tank]  The bubbles, the bu?

    [dirty bubble pops in his face] 

    Bubbles : Ugh!

    Gurgle : [sees Bloat eating dirt]  Bloat, that's disgusting!

    Bloat : Tastes pretty fine to me.


    Gurgle : Doesn't anyone realize that we are swimming in our own...?

    Peach : Shhh! Here he comes.

  • Bubbles : Bubbles. Bubbles. My bubbles.

  • Gill : Who's with me?

    Bloat : I.

    Deb : I.

    Bubbles : I.

    Gurgle : I think you're nuts.

  • Nemo : How many times have you tried to escape?

    Gill : Eh, I lost count. Fish weren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to ya.

    Bubbles : [treasure box opens, and bubble rise out just as Gill says last line]  Bubbles, the bubbles, bubbles!

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