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Remembering George Romero: 1940 to 2017

We pay tribute to horror icon George Romero, writer and director of Night of the Living Dead and father of the modern zombie, who has died at the age of 77.

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10 Influential Horror Movies That Inspire Jeffrey Reddick

Jeffrey Reddick, writer of Dead Awake and creator of the Final Destination film franchise, shares his list of top 10 influential horror films that have helped to inspire his work.

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26 Most Successful Horror Film Franchises

We crunched the numbers: Here's a countdown of the 26 highest-earning horror movie franchises according to unadjusted domestic box office gross.

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Horror Masks Through the Years

Wanna be a horror icon? Grab an unforgettable mask. Here's a look at some seriously scary masks from movies and television.

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Our Favorite Cult Horror Films

These horror films might not have scored big at the box office, but they do have one thing in common: a cult following.

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Horror Movie Franchises Through the Years

From The Blair Witch Project and The Evil Dead to A Nightmare on Elm Street, here are some of the most memorable and enduring horror movie franchises. Dare to look?

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The Wide World of Horror

These terrifying movies from around the globe are certain to keep you up at night. Take a look if you dare.

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Our Favorite Werewolves

From "Teen Wolf" and Trick 'r Treat to "True Blood," we just can't get enough of these shape-shifting beasts.

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Horror by the Numbers

In what year was the first Stephen King film adaptation released? When was the first Dracula movie? We're breaking down the genre's milestones by the numbers.

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Highly-Rated Horror Titles on Amazon Video

Watch some of your favorite horror titles or discover new ones.

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Top 20 Sci-Fi Horror Films From the Last 25 Years

Hollywood has infected viewers with some scary good science-fiction horror films over the past 25 years. Here are the top titles in the combined genre as ranked by IMDb users.

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Iconic Horror Heroines

For every monster and slasher, there's always a badass woman willing to stand her ground, grit her teeth, and show just exactly who's boss. Here's to those fearless females.

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