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Poll: Which Avengers Character Do You Want on Your Side?

You're a superhero up against a great force (strong, fast, intelligent, dangerous and nigh on unstoppable on your own), you need help, you need: The Avengers (2012)! Which of these will you choose to help win the battle for you? (Special Ability is just a snapshot, some have multiple.) Discuss Here

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    Weapon of Choice: Sceptre Special Ability: Teleportation, Shape-Shifting
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    Weapon of Choice: Hammer Special Ability: Super Human Strength, Lightning Strike
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    Iron Man

    Weapon of Choice: Hand Repulsors Special Ability: Suit of Armour, Flying
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    The Hulk

    Weapon of Choice: Fists Special Ability: He's Always Angry, Immense Strength
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    Captain America

    Weapon of Choice: Shield Special Ability: Agility, Strength
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    Nick Fury

    Weapon of Choice: Guns Special Ability: Super Spy, The Infinity Formula (Slows Down Aging)
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    Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow Special Ability: Exceptional Aim, Martial Art Skills
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    Black Widow

    Weapon of Choice: Guns Special Ability: Advanced Martial Arts, Agility