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Poll: Bad Movie Cops!

Unorthodox. Corrupt. Cavalier. Loose-cannons. Many of these cops are out to do the right thing, but don't really get there in the right way. Some are transitioning and are trying to become good people. Others are just bad to the bone. Which of these 'bad' movie cops do you most enjoy watching? Discuss Here

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    Abel Turner

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    Det. Alonzo Harris

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    Little Bill Daggett

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    Bobby Monday

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    Bruce Robertson

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    Captain Byron T. Hadley

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    Charlie Rakes

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    Colin Sullivan

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    David Douglas Brown

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    Dennis Peck

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    Dudley Smith

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    Inspector Frank Butterman

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    Det. Frank Nugent

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    Gerry Boyle

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    Sheriff Gus Kretzer

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    Harry Callahan

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    Police Captain Hank Quinlan

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    Captain Jack Wander

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    Officer John Ryan

    and Officer Tom Hansen - Crash
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    Judge Joseph Dredd

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    Inspector Lau Kin Ming

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    The Lieutenant

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    Captain Louis Renault

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    Capt. McCluskey

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    Percy Wetmore

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    Remy Bressant

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    The Sheriff of Nottingham

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    Terence McDonagh

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    Detective Trupo

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    Lt. Wm. Snyder

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    Det. Jack Scagnetti