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Poll: With Great Power Don't Necessarily Come Great Wits

Which not-so-smart remark from these beloved characters cracks you up the most? The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be home to the brightest, most intelligent superheroes, but nobody's perfect.

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    "I saw you out there. I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't let you die. I found something inside of myself, something incredibly heroic!"
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    Peter Parker

    "I can't go to Germany! I got... homework."
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    "Sorry, I just have one question. Who are you, who is she, what the hell's going on, and can I go back to jail now?"
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    "What was that story you told me about Zardu Hasslefrau?"
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    "How do I get to Greenwich?"
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    Steve Rogers

    "Me! I got that reference!"
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    Drax the Destroyer

    "Did you make a penis?"
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    Rocket Raccoon

    "No I really heard they find you attractive."
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    "I'm learning many things, like I'm a pet! I'm ugly!"
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    "You probably wouldn't be dead if it was Logan. What's he gotta change into? Guy wears a *beep* tank top and a pair of jeans. 'Yeah. Like to get my tank top on, a bit of perspiration. Have a nice little crime-fighting spree, yeah. Happy Hug-A-Koala Day.'"