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Poll: Queen of the Nerds

Which of these is Queen of the Nerds? Female characters who are Nerds or hang out with Nerds. (Here Nerd is meant positively meaning above average intelligence.) Discussion thread

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    Abby Sciuto

    Forensic Scientist
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    Hangs with the Big Bang Theory Guys
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    Bernadette Rostenkowski

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    Amy Farrah Fowler

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    Felicity Smoak

    IT Genius
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    Leslie Winkle

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    Beverly Hofstadter

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    Doctor and Leonard's Ex Girlfriend
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    Alex Jensen

    Sheldon's Intern
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    Priya Koothrappali

    Lawyer and Leonard's Ex Girlfriend
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    Emily Sweeney

    Dermitologist and Raj's Girlfriend
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    Happy Quinn

    Part of the Scorpion Team
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    Paige Dineen

    Helps the Scorpion Team
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    Alternate Astrid Farnsworth

    Number Crunching Agent
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    Nina Sharp

    Leader of Massive Dynamic (Scientific Research Company)
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    Olivia Dunham

    FBI Agent assisted by a Mad Scientist
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    Lisbeth Salander

    Computer Hacker and Intelligent Investigator
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    Number Six

    Appears in the mind of Dr. Baltar
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    Computer hacker
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    Jemma Simmons

    Genius Scientist.
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    Alicia Nash

    Wife of Mathematition John Nash
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    Jane Hawking

    Wife of Stephan Hawking
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    Joan Clarke

    Code Breaker and Companion of Alan Turing
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    Dr. Joan Watson

    Detective, Doctor and Companion of Sherlock Holmes
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    Dr. Marta Shearing

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    Evelyn O'Connell

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    Dr. Elsa Schneider

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    Temperance Brennan

    Forensic Anthropologist
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    Dr. Lillian DePaul

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    Forensic Scientist/Invetigator
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    Dr. Christmas Jones

    Nuclear Physicist
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    Daisy Johnson

    Computer Hacker
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    Marie Curie

    French Physicist
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    Tracy Flick

    She Wants to be Class President
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    Dr. Lilith Sternin