Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlebhuger Sort Of Addressed Jason Dent’s Wife Rape Joke

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Alright guys. So, we've gotten some request to run this story. Some fans wanted to know what Big Brother 19 houseguest Kevin Schlebhuger did when he found out that his fellow houesguest Jason Dent made a very shocking and distasteful joke about raping his wife while they were in the house. The joke was made way back on Monday, August 28,2017, when Jason was talking with houseguests Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez. They all started laughing after Jason made the joke. Jason made the joke, saying it would be a consequence of Kevin breaking their alliance. During his joke, he said, "I’ll f@#ck your wife when I get out of here. And I’m going to tie all your daughters up and make them f@#cking watch you piece of sh@#t." Josh immediately said, "Oh my gosh" right after it while Paul and Alex laughed. You guys
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