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Andy Serkis’ ‘Breathe’ to Open London Film Festival

5 hours ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

Love story “Breathe,” Andy Serkis’ directorial debut, is set to open the BFI London Film Festival with its European premiere.

The “Lord of the Rings” actor’s production company The Imaginarium made the movie, which is based on the story of Imaginarium co-founder Jonathan Cavendish’s parents. It follows Robin Cavendish, played by Andrew Garfield (“Hacksaw Ridge”), and the attempts by his wife Diana, Claire Foy (“The Crown”), to help him lead a normal life after he is paralyzed by polio.

Both stars, Serkis, and Jonathan Cavendish will be at the premiere at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on Oct. 4, and the film will play simultaneously in cinemas across the U.K. ahead of its Oct. 27 general release in the country by Stx International. Bleecker Street and Participant Media  are distributing in the U.S., and it has already been tipped for an Oscar run.

“‘Breathe’ is a deeply personal story to all of us at The »

- Stewart Clarke

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‘Wonder Woman’ on Brink of Beating ‘Suicide Squad,’ ‘Batman v Superman’ at Box Office

20 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

There’s no Lasso of Truth like box-office numbers: Wonder Woman is about to conquer Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn and all her Suicide Squad comrades. As it approaches its fifth weekend in theaters, “Wonder Woman” is set to pass its DC Extended Universe predecessors, “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad,” at the domestic box-office with a $325 million total and counting. After grossing $3.9 million on Tuesday, “Wonder Woman” is less than $6,000 away from passing “Suicide Squad” and its $325.1 million domestic take. If “Wonder Woman” maintains its current pace, it should pass “BvS” and its $330 million total by the end of Thursday. »

- Jeremy Fuster

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Darth Vader Almost Appeared in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ – No, Really

20 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Did you know that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige — who, by the way, is a huge “Star Wars” nerd — almost had Sith Lord Darth Vader appear in 2014’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”? At the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” junket, Feige told Mashable: “Always, we wanted to reveal at a certain point in the movie that Peter Quill was a human from Earth. And for a long time, I really thought it was going to be the greatest thing in the world that you’re in a spaceship and he’s talking to one of the alien characters and he knocks over his. »

- Umberto Gonzalez

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‘Deadpool 2’ Adds ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’ Star Julian Dennison

23 hours ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

While “Deadpool” made big piles of money, and was declared the proof of concept that you could step well outside the superhero sandbox, take a risk, and have it pay off handsomely, let’s just say the movie wasn’t for me. I have very little interest in the follow-up, but now Ryan Reynolds and co. have provided one reason I might watch the sequel one day, even if it’s on an airplane.

Continue reading ‘Deadpool 2’ Adds ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’ Star Julian Dennison at The Playlist. »

- Kevin Jagernauth

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Box Office: ‘Baby Driver’ Races to $2.1 Million in Tuesday Night Previews

23 hours ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” sped to $2.1 million at 2,606 North American locations in Tuesday night previews.

Sony’s R-rated action-thriller, starring Ansel Elgort as a getaway car driver, expands to 3,150 sites Wednesday to get a head start on the Independence Day weekend. The studio is projecting an opening in the $13 million to $15 million range for the five-day Wednesday-Sunday period, while other projections have been in the $20 million area.

Baby Driver,” released from Sony’s TriStar Pictures and MRC, has received strong critical support since its South by Southwest premiere in March and has a 98% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. »

- Dave McNary

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Hoot Comedy execs launch UK production outfit Bad Owl Films

10 minutes ago | ScreenDaily | See recent ScreenDaily news »

Exclusive: Company reveals debut slate of comedy, horror projects.

Fledgling UK production outfit Bad Owl Films has launched its debut slate, including two features made in co-production with India’s Cinestaan.

Ben Bond [pictured], whose credits as a writer include Killing Bono, will head up the company as creative director, alongside producer Iona Sweeney.

Former Screen Star of Tomorrow Andy Brunskill will provide consulting services.

Bond is the co-founder of commercials and TV production outfit Hoot Comedy, where Sweeney is head of broadcast. Going forward, they will continue in their positions at both companies.

Their new outfit Bad Owl Films will aim to produce between one and two feature films a year, focused on comedy and horror, with budgets in the £1-15m range.

Films on the company’s initial slate include: The Hungry, a co-production with Film London and Cinestaan, which is a retelling of Shakespeare’s tragedy Titus Andronicus and stars Naseeruddin Shah; period horror The Longing »

- tom.grater@screendaily.com (Tom Grater)

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‘Breathe’ Trailer: Andy Serkis Directs Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy in Tearjerking Drama

25 minutes ago | Collider.com | See recent Collider.com news »

Stx International has released the first Breathe trailer. Andy Serkis' film, which is based on a true story, follows the marriage of Robin (Andrew Garfield) and Diana (Claire Foy). When Robin is stricken with polio, he becomes paralyzed from the neck down and loses the ability to breathe without a respirator. Determined to live his life to the fullest, he and Diana work together to find a way to bring respirator technology out of hospitals and into homes and wheelchairs. On the whole, Breathe looks like a nice movie that’s very much in the vein of The Theory of … »

- Matt Goldberg

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‘Cult of Chucky’ Trailer: The World’s Deadliest Doll Returns For Another Round of Gruesome Murders

35 minutes ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Look who’s back. Nearly three decades after bursting onto the horror scene in 1988’s “Child’s Play,” everyone’s favorite red-haired killer doll Chucky is still going strong. “Cult of Chucky,” the seventh installment in the franchise, arrives this October for more gruesome murders at the hands of the world’s creepiest children’s toy. The movie marks Chucky’s return after 2013’s “Curse of Chucky” and is once again written and directed by franchise creator Don Mancini.

Read More: The 20 Best Horror Movies Of The 21st Century, From ’28 Days Later’ to ‘Get Out

Cult of Chucky” centers around Nica Pierce, the sole survivor of Chucky’s murder spree in the previous installment. Confined to a mental asylum, Nica is convinced that a new string of killings is tied to the deadly doll, which she has been led to believe is just a figment of her imagination. Andy Barclay, »

- Zack Sharf

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‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’: Watch Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in First Trailer

36 minutes ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

Jumanji is back.

The first trailer for the upcoming sequel “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” debuted on Thursday, showing stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in action.

The movie follows four high schoolers who discover an old video game and get sucked into its jungle setting. They take on the avatars of Johnson, Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan, and must play against type (the meek Spencer becomes Johnson’s muscle-bound explorer Dr. Smolder Bravestone, while it-girl Bethany becomes Black’s Professor Shelly Oberon) to escape the jungle and return to the real world — before they’re stuck in the game forever.

The trailer shows each character getting acquainted with their new bodies. “Why am I wearing half a shirt and short shorts in the jungle?” Gillan asks. Black looks at his reflection and shrieks, “I’m an overweight middle-aged man.”

The original “Jumanji,” starring the late Robin Williams, did big business for Sony’s TriStar Pictures in »

- Alex Stedman

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Lego Debuts 3 New ‘Justice League’ Sets That Provide a Look at Steppenwolf

44 minutes ago | Collider.com | See recent Collider.com news »

Justice League will be out this November, which means it’s time for Lego toys based on the movie. We’ve been sent images from three of the upcoming sets—“Battle of Atlantis”, “Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack”, and “Batmobile Airlift Attack.” Keep in mind that just because there are sets, that doesn’t mean these scenes are in the movie or that they’ll play out the way they’re depicted in the set. You may recall that the Wonder Woman Lego set featured a gigantic Ares, but nowhere in the movie does a gigantic Ares appear. These sets are made … »

- Matt Goldberg

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‘Inhumans’ Trailer: Marvel’s New Superheroes Get An IMAX-Sized Television Adventure

52 minutes ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Will the third time be the charm for Marvel and ABC? The broadcast network has had one mild success (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”) and one failure (“Agent Carter”) when it comes to bringing Marvel superheroes to the small screen, but that’s not stopping them from giving it another go with this fall’s “Inhumans.” The new series is going big, as it was shot using IMAX digital cameras and will premiere its first two episodes in select IMAX theaters on September 1.

Read More: ‘The Gifted’ Trailer: Bryan Singer’s Marvel Show Brings Mutants to Fox

The official ABC snyopsis reads: “The Inhumans, a race of superhumans with diverse and singularly unique powers, were first introduced in Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. Since that time, they have grown in prominence and become some of the most popular and iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. »

- Zack Sharf

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‘Marvel’s Inhumans': First Trailer Reveals the Royal Family of ABC’s New Series

1 hour ago | Collider.com | See recent Collider.com news »

At last, we have some new footage of Marvel's Inhumans, whereas before we just had one suspicious photo with a bad wig (and this voice-only teaser). ABC has released the new trailer for their superhero series, which has finally revealed more of the highly-anticipated show about the Royal Family of the Inhumans who end up living in Hawai'i. Lucky them! In addition to this tease, ABC also made the out announcement that Inhumans -- despite premiering in IMAX theaters -- will be airing on Friday nights, and paired with Once Upon a Time. That's an odd choice. … »

- Matt Goldberg

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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Is Fun, But Relies On Too Much Iron Man Babysitting [Review]

1 hour ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Sometimes you just want to fast forward to the good parts. Sometimes you want to immediately scroll down and read the grade rather than the actual review. Sometimes you just want to run before you can walk, and this ultimately translates into instant gratification culture. This, in some ways, is how “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Marvel’s new movie in collaboration with Sony, operates. It wants to cut to the chase, rejecting the origin story, skimming past the story of how the villain broke bad.

Continue reading ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Is Fun, But Relies On Too Much Iron Man Babysitting [Review] at The Playlist. »

- Rodrigo Perez

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First Trailer For ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Introduces Black Bolt & More

1 hour ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Marvel has an interesting track record when it comes to TV. Put simply, their network shows tend to be mediocre and skippable (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Agent Carter”) while their cable and streaming shows have generally — with the primary exception of “Iron Fist” — been zeitgeisty and critically well received (“Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” “Legion.”)

Well, this fall Marvel will once again be venturing into network television with the new ABC series “Marvel’s Inhumans,” about a royal family of superheroes.

Continue reading First Trailer For ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Introduces Black Bolt & More at The Playlist. »

- Eli Fine

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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Review: The Joy of Being Spider-Man

1 hour ago | Collider.com | See recent Collider.com news »

Spider-Man: Homecoming presents the third solo iteration of Spider-Man in the last 15 years, but it’s arguably the best one yet. While Sam Raimi’s movies have their merits, and the less said about The Amazing Spider-Man films the better, Homecoming takes Peter Parker in a fresh direction not only by making him a teenager (and actually investing in that world rather than using it as a backdrop), but by letting him run towards being Spider-Man rather than wrestle with the weight of his responsibilities. Raimi’s movies couldn’t resist Peter seeing his powers … »

- Matt Goldberg

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Film Review: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

1 hour ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

Midway through “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” there’s a sequence that revs the picture up in that buzzy spectacular “Hey, I’m watching a Marvel movie!” way. Peter Parker (Tom Holland), a 15-year-old high school sophomore from Queens, is in Washington, D.C., along with a team of his fellow student brainiacs, to attend the finals of the Academic Decathlon. They’re up in the Washington Monument when a volatile alien weapon explodes, causing a crack along the top of the building’s pointy pillar and trapping the students inside the elevator.

It’s up to Peter to save them, though as Spider-Man he’s still figuring out what the heck he’s doing. In his red-and-blue spandex costume, now layered with computer intelligence and a Siri voice, he shimmies up the monument, a vertical crawl shot at dizzying angles (as in, straight down). He blasts some sticky web here and there and tries to kick his way through »

- Owen Gleiberman

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Spider-Man: Homecoming review – web-slinging wit powers razor-sharp reboot

1 hour ago | The Guardian - Film News | See recent The Guardian - Film News news »

The high-school hero’s third big-screen incarnation is a crowdpleasing triumph: a whipsmart teen movie with a charming central turn from Tom Holland

Once the fresh-faced poster boy of the modern superhero movie era, Spider-Man slowly became a sadly symbolic shill, emblematic of an industry obsessed with merchandise-hawking regurgitation and petrified of creative risk. Sam Raimi’s first two chapters were thrilling and light-footed, his third was catastrophic. Five years later, (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb was the unlikely and ultimately unconvincing choice to reboot the character. Two soulless committee-made films followed, covering boringly similar ground, and two years later, we had yet another refresh with the character showing up in Captain America: Civil War to pre-empt a solo outing.

Related: The cape of no return: the perils of playing a superhero

Continue reading »

- Benjamin Lee

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Ascap Film Scoring Workshop Announces Composers-In-Residence

1 hour ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

The 29th edition of the Ascap Film Scoring Workshop has announced the 12 composer participants selected for the comprehensive 4-week program led by Emmy winner Richard Bellis.

Produced by Ascap Film and TV membership executives Michael Todd and Jennifer Harmon, the dozen to take part in the program were selected from more than 300 applicants and represent such countries as France, Austria, Spain, and Japan.


Ascap Screen and Pop Music Awards (Photos)

The workshop culminates in a recording of an original score at the Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios. Previous graduates of the program, which has also featured Henry Mancini, Randy Newman, Hans Zimmer, and Brian Tyler, include Jim Dooley (TNT’s “Last Ship,” ABC’s “Pushing Daisies”), Rob Duncan (NBC’s “Timeless,” ABC’s “Castle”), and Mateo Messina (“Juno,” Hulu’s “Casual”); among many others.

Ascap, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, represents 600,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, and »

- Variety Staff

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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Review: Marvel Has Finally Started To Figure Out The Future Of Superhero Movies

1 hour ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

When you cut through all of the spandex and special effects, superhero movies are really just high school movies with bigger muscles, bigger budgets, and bigger constraints. Indeed, the best moments in the giddy, fitfully entertaining “Spider-Man: Homecoming” are the ones that gleefully conflate the likes of Stan Lee and John Hughes, delighting in the extent to which both of their signature genres tend to revolve around emotionally unsure young people who are struggling to juggle their double lives.

“Homecoming” takes Peter Parker all the way back to his sophomore year, (re)re-introducing the endlessly rebootable web-slinger (a wide-eyed and overeager Tom Holland) as a 15-year-old pipsqueak who splits his time between anchoring the the academic decathlon team and auditioning to be an Avenger. The Queens sophomore can barely bring himself to talk to the girl he likes (Laura Harrier as Liz), but once he puts on his signature red »

- David Ehrlich

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Fox takeover of Sky stalls

1 hour ago | ScreenDaily | See recent ScreenDaily news »

Culutre secretary Karen Bradley refers bid to competition authorities.

Fox’s planned £12bn takeover of Sky has been dealt a blow after culture secretary Karen Bradley referred the deal to UK competition authorities.

As a result of her decision, the Hollywood studio’s acquisition of the pay-tv operator – buying the 61% that it does not currently own – will be delayed by at least six months.

Bradley, who revealed the move in the House of Commons today (29 June), has referred the bid to the Competition and Markets Authority due to concerns over media plurality issues.

She said that she had reached her decision after receiving a report from regulator Ofcom.

In its report, released today, Ofcom said that the transaction raised “public interest concerns as a result of the risk of increased influence by members of the Murdoch Family Trust over the UK news agenda and the political process”.

Bradley added: “The proposed entity would have the third largest »

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